Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Leftist Infiltration - Good!

Time: April 15, 2009 all day
Location: Your Town USA
Website or Map:
Event Type: tax, day, tea, party, protest
Organized By: Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

The left has been in a panic ever since they encountered the Tea Party Movement. Although the leftist controlled MSM has done its best to keep the news of the nation-wide Tax Day Tea Parties from the general public, their efforts have failed miserably. Now that the MSM has finally caved and is actually reporting the locations of the thousands of local Tax Day Tea Parties, the left is up to more tricks.

Have you received an alert like this in your e-mail?

Federally-funded ACORN operators will be at all Tea Parties to get signatures which they will give to Obama stating that the signatures are in support of his policies or to get the names of people who oppose his policies and report dissension.

I would imagine that scare tactics like the one above are just what the left has designed. “Make them afraid – Make Them Very Afraid!”

See the left knows that traditional Americans are usually reluctant to attend rallies, so what better way to keep them home than to post a warning that the dirty little ACORN lefties might attend, and might even want to “take your name?”

My suggestion is to use common sense and gather literature from those you meet that the rallies and then you can always sign a petition online later after you’ve had a chance vet the organization.

One of the best comments I read on the official Tea Party site was that if you want to flush out the real leftist operatives just carry a big picture of Rush Limbaugh. Watch them wretch – they can’t help it – it’s an autonomic response.

According to Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government, “Obama's new “Way Forward” front group is setting up nationwide rallies to undercut our Tea Parties – and undermine our entire banking system. And I need your help now to stop them!”

Just this morning, I received word that a new radical organization calling itself “A New Way Forward” has put together an underhanded sneak attack designed to undercut the popular uprising known as the Tea Party movement. You may already be part of the Tea Party movement – in fact I hope you are. So, I knew you would want to know what the far left is up to now.

If you want the real information about the real Tax Day Tea Parties, go to

Roger L. Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media, warns the leftist “agents provocateurs” in an article today that “trying to make the Tea Party movement seem to be what it’s not, painting libertarians as racists or similar nonsense, well, that deserves to be exposed and countered vigorously.”

. . .The left has not had to deal with something like this in recent years. Fuddy-duddy as they and their ideology may be, they have had the demo scene pretty much to themselves for decades. An element of distress (envy? nerves?) is in the air. According to Newsbusters derived from the Cavuto Show and other sources, in a startling role reversal, ACORN and the Huffington Post are planning to infiltrate the Tea Parties.

Well let them infiltrate! Let them see the strength in numbers of tens of thousands of American Patriots who despise what the left is doing to destroy our nation. Let these leftist goons know that, as Glenn Beck says; “We surround them.”

And if you really want to put fear of God into the left, show up in a cowboy hat, wearing a red kerchief around your neck, and prominently display an empty holster on your hip!

Disclaimer: The above statement was made in fun to poke holes into leftist stereotypes about American Patriots and is NOT suggested by the official Tea Party Planners.




  1. I'll be at the Salt Lake Tea Party for sure. There is info on my site:

  2. These cheap tricks of the left never work. It just makes them look as desperate and void of ideas as we already know they are.

  3. I will be at the Dallas Tea Party, and you know, I think Texas folks are gonn be more than these moonbats bargained for...

  4. Fred will you be wearing your Cowboy hat and sporting an empty holster?

  5. Fox News, the only media outfit, is covering the Tea Parties all day on the 15th.

  6. Why carry an EMPTY holster??

    And yes, the straw hat, it's after Easter, I can put that damned hot felt hat back in the box...

  7. I'm volunteering to help out at our Syracuse, NY tea party. Big turnout is expected. How amazed Americans will be when they witness well groomed, neatly dressed, polite Americans protesting. I can't wait!!!

  8. My boys and I will be ready in case ACORN sneaks in our party to start trouble. Watch people hanging off to the side not participating. Don't give them your names and whatever you do DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!

  9. Make a statement. Get your bumper stickers and shirts for the Tea Parties! Even if you can't attend one, you can still show your support, even after the events!