Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama Administration Refuses Request for Help on the Border

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This is incredible, and really demonstrates a lot about President Obama’s priorities.

Mexican drug cartels have displaced the mafia as the “number one organized crime threat” in the United States, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Monday as his Senate committee heard testimony in Phoenix on border violence.

Lieberman, an independent Democrat from Connecticut, and Sen. John McCain, a Republican on Lieberman’s panel, told FOX News that the United States needs to step up the fight against the drug cartels. The two senators were in Arizona, McCain’s home state, to hear from local officials on their advice for dealing with the drug-fueled violence many fear is spilling across the border.

“This is literally a war,” said Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. “They’re fighting for the turf.”

Drug cartels, made up of illegal aliens, fighting for turf on American soil! And
what does the Obama administration do about it?

But Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said the Department of Defense has effectively denied her request to send 250 additional National Guard troops to the Arizona-Mexico border to help authorities battle immigrant and drug smuggling and related violence.

The governor told Lieberman’s committee meeting Monday that she was disappointed with the denial of her request to bring the number of troops at her state’s southern boundary up to 400. One hundred fifty troops are already there as part of a long-standing border assistance program.

The Bush administration sent thousands of Guard troops to the border to perform support duties so that federal border authorities would be freed up to focus on border security. Bush’s buildup began in 2006 and ended last year.

We have a federal government that’s reaching it’s tentacles into almost every aspect of American life. They want to be everywhere and do everything, except for where they’re actually needed! In that case it looks like you’re on your own.


  1. A free and vibrant new Confederate States of America is looking better all the time!!

    The Republic of Texas asked too, we got ZIP...

    Screw Obama and his Muslim terrorist loving ass, maybe the right time is NOW...

    Remember the Alamo!!

  2. Barack Obama seems obsessed with undoing everything George Bush did as President, and "restoring" the U.S. to some vision or another.

    This is one thing George Bush did (or didn't do) that needs to be reversed, and Obama is AWOL on the issue.

  3. Go to home depot and get some more fence!