Sunday, March 08, 2009


By “Just another concerned American!”

The following was sent to me by one of my impassioned readers:

The US is in a recession. As I was told recently in South American, when the
USA sneezes, the rest of the world gets the FLU.

So, what happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Don’t we have smart
people who can see this kind of thing coming? Hasn’t this happened in the past?
Couldn’t we figure it out from there?

Did people take advantage of a system? Did we let them? Did some people make
REALLY bad decisions? Did people misuse tax payer money? Did rich people get
away with more money, while the poor man got the shaft?

Mad yet? Depressed? Ready for change? Ready to buy into just about anything
to stop the pain? To stop people from telling you had bad the economy is? To
give you a job so you can put food on the table? A roof over your kids head?

Amazing what happens when you scare people with their general welfare. They
not only will give you just about anything you want to stop the pain, but they
ignore everything else going on. This works especially well if you discredit the
opposition by making them sound like the very people who caused the problem, who
are taking away your food, and getting rich off of your back.

Is this starting to sound familiar? It should and we had better start
figuring out what the end game is. In the past, it has been posed that the
current economic crisis has been manufactured, or allowed to happen in order for
some agenda to be accomplish. I think that is completely true.

So, what are we not supposed to be looking at? Spending? Gun control? 2010
Census? Big government? Re armed Russia? Civil rights abuses in China?

How about all of the above? How about this, make people’s daily lives SO bad,
they are willing to accept ANYTHING to stop it. How do you do that –

This isn’t about today, this is a manufactured crisis so that radical
elements can seize control of our government, and fundamentally change our
constitution. Obama has said it himself already, I don’t want to just change it
now, I want it so that it (I believe this was around Stem Cells) can NEVER be
changed. I think that is the mindset of many in this new administration.

This is about 67 seats. This is about 75 seats. This is about fundamentally
changing America into something completely other than a democratic republic
based upon a free market.

So while we fight amongst ourselves, the fires are being set in Rome. And
while many conservatives see what is happening, no one has figured out how to
overcome a hungry desperate stomach. A frightened mother.

While we wait for a "leader" I say we need to figure out our message. How do
you say/show someone what is in store?

There once was a dream of a place where one could go and be free. Where you
could determine your own destiny. How do we find that place?

Editor's Note: The answer to these questions was answered in another post this morning. This is an astounding interview that should be heard by every Amerixan. Interview on Obama's Manufactured Crisis - Breaking Records!


  1. spooky times

    btw, I found your missing comment. It was on another post

  2. Concerned American, the answer to your question is posted here today. Read "Interview on Obama's Manufactured Crisis - Breaking Records!"

  3. The economy is not as bad as the media and Obama want us to believe. People are still spending $9 a ticket for movie tickets, $3 for their lattes, and still spending money on luxuries for their kids. When they stop spending on these items, then we can worry. Until then I do not worry as much as the media and government say I should.