Saturday, March 14, 2009

Video: 35 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in the U.S.

Sean Hannity talks to Martin Mawyer (Christian Action Network), producer of the new documentary film, Homegrown Jihad, about the 35 Islamic terrorist training compounds that exist right here in America.
Actual video of terrorist cells training to kill on American soil. They have recruiting bases on university campuses, and some of their training camps in America are as large as 300 acres.

There are over 35 terrorist compounds in our nation. This is about the spread of homegrown terrorists in our backyard. The group, Muslims of America, have established 35 compounds in the U.S.

These groups are protected by the U.S. Constitution and they are protected by many state constitutions. Law enforcement hands are tied???

For more details on these terrorist training camps in the U.S. read Islam in America: Part Three

. . . Yet civil libertarians' concerns about unwarranted searches aren't the biggest problem facing those who are trying to raise awareness of these compounds. Much of the evidence of their very existence has been discovered by independent investigators, published on websites rather than in the mainstream media, and is shadowed in secrecy. Unfortunately, this leaves the impression that these compounds may be no more real than Bigfoot, and can be dismissed as just another alarmist conspiracy theory.

Even when the evidence is irrefutable, the media and the American public seem reluctant to respond as one would expect. In recent years, for example, the "Fort Dix Six" were convicted of conducting paramilitary training in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains; meanwhile, seven Muslim "extremists" were arrested in 2006 for planning attacks on the Sears Tower in Chicago and other targets.

It's regrettable that it may take a successful "homegrown" terrorist attack of catastrophic proportions to force the authorities, the media and the general public to reveal the truth about these compounds.


  1. I wonder to what degree the failure to recognize potential or actual threats of terrorism are due to the belief among liberals and the liberals media that the terrorist threat was ginned up by George Bush in order to justify his "over the top" security measures and the Iraq war?

  2. James Shott: I have been writing about that subject ever since I got back in 2004. I call it the Dems and Terrorists: Can't tell 'em Apart.

  3. It is clear Hannity doesn't even believe this. First he says the thought is scary. Then he begs his guest to tell him it isn't true.
    Then he says it's almost unimaginable.
    Here we have what's wrong with the USA. Noone has the guts to believe any of it, and no guts to get rid of them.
    Then when he says there are WMD, he claims he can't tell Hannity what those WMD are.
    I guess we are to assume our govenment is watching 24/7/365 the 35 terror camps with out fbi infiltrators. I don't buy it. Maybe you do or our law enforcement does.
    I'd be willing to bet our government goes after "right wing militias" and leaves the islamic wacko camps untouched because of politically correct concerns.
    The guest said "they are protected by the constitution".
    Our constitution protects those on our soil training to blow our citizens and our government to smithereens. If you believe that, you are already insane, and in denial, too.

  4. Looking for current information on the camp called Baladullah located in Dunlap, CA or nearby. Most info on the web seems to indicate that it disbanded in 2002 as a result of their leader going to jail for defrauding the Fresno Unidied school district out of 1.3 million in a charter school scam.

    Is this compound active and if not was the land seized or sold?