Saturday, March 21, 2009

Conservative Bloggers Now Labeled “Domestic Terrorists”?

by Barbara Sowell at Digital Journal

The Glenn Beck TV program Friday night mentioned a secret law enforcement report “The Modern Militia Movement,” which was distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) and was obtained by Alex Jones of Prison Planet.

According to Beck, if you ever supported a third party, you might be considered a domestic terrorist!

The original report, which has been confirmed by Lt. John Hotz of the Missouri State Highway Patrol as coming from MIAC, can be read at Prison Planet. Be sure to double click on each page thumbnail for a full enlargement.

After reading the report I would imagine that just about every conservative blogger I’m familiar with would fall into the MIAC domestic terrorist watch list.

This report is very frightening stuff. The MIAC report appears to be a simplistic linking or “fusion” of leftist anti-conservative mythology and stereotyping to the militia movement. Although deadly serious, the report deserves nothing less than wide-spread mocking derision.

Did you ever write about or support Ron Paul or Bob Barr? Well, then, you might be a terrorist.

Are you a Libertarian? Well, then, you might be a terrorist.

Have you ever written about the U.S. Constitution? Well, then, you might be a terrorist.

Have you ever called yourself a “patriot”? Well, then, you might be a terrorist.

Are you a conservative Christian who “clings to guns” and the American flag? Well, then, you might be a terrorist.

Do you plan on attending an April 15th Tea Party? Well, then, you might be a terrorist.

Have you displayed any unusual looking American flags or other Early American flags on your blog? Well then, you might be a terrorist.

Have you ever written about taxes, the Federal Reserve, the New World Order, the North American Union, the Sovereignty movement, Illegal Immigration, or the Trans-Texas Corridor? Well, then, you might be a terrorist!

Paging Jeff Foxworthy!!! Paging Jeff Foxworthy!!! Where are you Jeff? We need you. Hey Jeff it’s time for a new comedy tour, and another book.

Here’s an excerpt article from The Columbia Daily Tribune ‘Fusion center’ data draws fire over assertions'.

Blogs and Web sites frequented by people interested in civil liberties issues have been overloaded in recent days with comments from angry readers who view the document as a precursor to an American KGB spying on U.S. citizens. . .
The government is out of control, we are just trying to survive,” wrote one poster who identified himself as John Adams.
But state law enforcement officials said the report is being misinterpreted. Lt. John Hotz of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the report was compiled by the Missouri Information Analysis Center based in Jefferson City and comes purely from publically available, trend data on militias. . .
At a “Tea Party” to protest wasteful government spending Thursday in Flat Branch Park, several people displaying the Revolutionary War-replica “Don’t Tread On Me” flag were upset to learn the MIAC report lists the banner as a “militia symbol.”
“That’s insane,” said Doug Wendt looking at the MIAC document. “That is not a militia symbol. That is American history. This is historic. The only animosity” American colonists “ever directed with this was towards England.”

Here’s the introductory excerpt from Prison Planet about the origin of the MIAC report.

Alex Jones has received a secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” and dated February 20, 2009. A footer on the document indicates it is “unclassified” but “law enforcement sensitive,” in other words not for public consumption. A copy of the report was sent to Jones by an anonymous Missouri police officer.
The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “militia” influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties. . . .
“Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) provides a public safety partnership consisting of local, state and federal agencies, as well as the public sector and private entities that will collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information and intelligence to the agencies tasked with Homeland Security responsibilities in a timely, effective, and secure manner,” explains the MIAC website . . .

Hat Tip to Delaware Libertarian for spotting this at the end of the report:

There is also this note at the end:
Comments regarding this alert may be made to
Comments on previous MIAC strategic alerts or ideas for research on future strategic products should be made to

I think a few choice comments to the above MIAC folks just might be in order!


  1. Blogger Walt Fitzpatrick, known as The Jaghunter, was visited by SECRET SERVICE for levying a threat against President Barak Obama based on his most recent column found here:

    Read more here:

  2. Hello Faultline,

    This is not a surprise to me. If you look at the scheme of things in the aspect of how things are geting done in this country politicaly. The land of laws. Local and federal law enforcement departments wasted no time in adding 'terrorist' on the books. But if you look at political correctness of liberals you can't call the enemy a terrorist. The FBI or even now the military. You can't call a domestic minority a terrorist because that would be offensive and against their civil rights. Once again that leaves only the evil white male in america. Feel guilty all you want but the white male is at this time still the majority monster and boogy man. And to the power mad weather white or black, religious or seculer. All tools to crush the evil white man from standing up. And that includes white feminists.

    This is par for the course. Only the white man can be charged with a criminal charge.

    The sooner the white man figures out that every time a new law is produced it can only be used against himself so that he can be raped of everything because after all he is the evil white man.

    The average law abiding citizen sits there in a blind rightiousness thinking.."hey, that will be a good law and help prevent further crime, and I'm all for that." But it no longer does, Does it now.

    My purpose for commenting isn't to push propaganda. Evil whitey's going to have to make a choice soon. You really should start thinking about these things as reality. Rather then talking in defense and surprise.

    Conspiracy or not, Obama has a plan and a plan or agenda is by default a 'conspiracy'.

    I'm not a great writer and faultline still does great work so keep it up.

  3. Didn't support Ron Paul or Barr but I have from time to time encouraged development of a third (or fourth, fifth...) party with a legitimate chance of competing. If that puts me on a terror list, so be it.

  4. So we're the terrorists and, can someone remind me, what are we calling the Islamo-fascists these days?

  5. Conspiracy or not, Obama has a plan and a plan or agenda is by default a 'conspiracy'.

    I believe that Obama has plana that has long been thought out. It starts with thwarting the Constitution and goes downhill from there.

    There's no way that bloggers will be left alone.

  6. I believe that this is the warning shot to bloggers.

  7. Every day we wake up, turn on the news, and hear some new insult to freedom. I'm so tired of this. It's an assault every single day.

    The average citizen does not understand.


    I was sent a MySpace friend request from someone new that I met in real life, not on the internet. She in on MySpace, and I gather doesn't visit blogs or keep up with politics, etc. like we do.

    When she saw the link to Right Truth, and went to Right Truth, she saw the top post which happened to be quote "about some Muslim." She said "wow, I'm not sure I know this person or want to." So she immediately reported the website and had it taken down and took back her friends request.

    When I saw her I explained that yes, this was my site, it's a place to spread information about terrorism, America's enemies, politics, freedom...

    Then she said, "Oh, ok".

    Average Americans are not like those of us who live and breath this stuff, they don't get it.

    But this calling us terrorists takes the cake. We can't call terrorists "enemy combatants" or anything else, but WE are the terrorists.

    I'm so sick of this.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  8. Good example Debbie.

    When the government wants to eliminate something you can bet their is a tax on the way. And don't put your money with the republican party.

    The mighty government is going to need money. Big Money. A socialist policy economy couldn't even support the regular maintenance cost of our oversized beuracracy and infrastructure.

    Their is so much coming that people like Debbie's aquaintance never pondors because she and others like her don't contemplate the side effects or domino theory.

    Hate to sound negative but at the same time I personally find an aspect of this that is extremely fascinating to witness this versus what I was taught in school growing up. I am single and pretty poor but my thoughts go out to good people who have achieved much from their own works and helping ingenuity.

    Who know's...Might their be a rabbit it the hat after all???

  9. check out:

    The black SUVs will be pulling up to my front door at any moment!

  10. Aaahh, hu! I had to think about the camps on military bases for a minute then it hit me. Besides the devious and obvious.

    These temporary housing places will be for:

    1) Obama's volunteer Corps .

    2) Obama's one million volunteers to scam the census 2010 with ACORN .


    Ha, That's it in a Nut Shell !