Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take Control of Your Classroom

Rebekah Lewis, a Louisiana teacher, parent, author, and PhD candidate (LA Tech) started the new and fast-growing social network, Take Control of Your Classroom-Teachers, Parents, Students, You!

Rebekah created this latest Ning format network “so that teachers, parents, students, ANYONE who cares about our kids, can make a difference in simple ways.”

Take Control of Your Classroom is about empowering parents, teachers, students, and the rest of us to take back our schools from those who are promoting the false truths that are being taught in our schools today.

Here’s the introduction from the home page:

Please take a moment to make your voice count...ask questions, share your experiences, read other's stories and offer suggestions or commiseration. We can help one another...whether you're an old hat at websites or this is your first, whether you're a veteran teacher or a first year, a first-time parent or grandparent of 10, a senior in college or a high school freshman, anyone who is concerned has a voice we want to hear and to help.

Here's how you can make a difference:
1. Read the forum topics...respond with your own comments and concerns. Start your own forum topic. ALL voices are welcome and respected! I put some research-based articles on each forum to start them out, and you can add more research, news articles, or anything at all you have to say. Anything goes, as long as we respect one another.
2. Join a group or start your own groups... one for your state, district, subject, discipline, or specialty, or anything that is of importance to you. Finding people who share the same interests and concerns can be so helpful, especially when you feel alone and overwhelmed.
3. Get it all off your chest in a blog! You'll be surprised how many people will relate to you how just talking about it is cathartic enough to clear your head.
4. When we get stronger in number, I will set up live chat times and topics. In the meantime, you can chat live anytime with anyone else online (below this box).

Do yourself and our country a favor and join the Take Control of Your Classroom network! You will find a number of important discussions and different groups working on specific school-related issues!


  1. We send our grandson to private Christian school, it costs a fortune, like college, but it's worth it. The public schools in his area are terrible and he does not get the kind of role models he needs at home. I wish he lived closer to us, but we do what we can.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Thank goodness you can afford to send your son to a Christian school!

  3. I go to a private Christian school in NC and I have to say it is no different than a public school. Kids at my school fight and threaten to stab, and even do stab other kids. There are no metal detectors because they don't have the budget. You don't get in any trouble for fighting, but for pointless things like saying Oh My God. As an atheist stuck in a Christian school, I have to say the difference between Private Christian Schools and public schools here are no different. The quality of education in the public schools is horrible and the violence level is great. They have lock downs all the time too. The only difference is in one they teach you about the Bible, and in the other they teach you about evolution. Now it may be all the rednecks that are violent and hateful against the other people (diverse group of people in the school) or it could be something else. I was born in South Florida and things worked way differently. I'm 16 now and a sophomore and only ten demerits from getting expelled and I have been suspended for three days now over something that doesn't even matter. I have to say that Christian Schools are the biggest waste of time. Send your kid to public school, in the end he will be happier, it will save you money, and he will learn about the things they teach in college and not the imaginary creationism crap that says the earth popped out of nowhere when a big booming voice says so.

    Contact me at if you want a direct comment to me, I expect a lot of negativity from this.