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No State For Palestine... EVER!

No State for Palestine… ever!

J. D. Longstreet

The simple truth is, there should be no Palestinian state and there is no reason, today, to think there will be anytime in in the immediate future.

Did you know that the area and the people, erroneously called Palestinians, were offered a state of their own back in the 1930’s? Bet you didn’t know that.

It seems we have to go over the history of the rejected Palestinian state over and over and I can only surmise the Public School System and the university and college systems in the US simply don’t teach it!

Look, the plain truth is… the people, calling themselves Palestinians, have been offered a state of their own at least three times since the 1936 Arab revolt. They have flatly turned it down every time! Yes! The first offer made by the Peel Commission in the 1930s offered them a vast piece of real estate much larger that that offered to the Jews… andthey turned it down!

UN Resolution 181 passed soon after the Second World War gave Israel 55% of the so-called Palestine and the Palestinians 45%. The Jews accepted and in doing so recognized that Palestine would become a state next door to them. They accepted that. But the Arabs rejected it, flat out, and started another war against the Jews, which they (the Arabs) promptly lost.

It has been 60 years now and the whining and moaning is still coming from the “woe is me” crowd who called themselves Palestinians.

The problems between Israel and the Palestinians are not because Israel has settled on some disputed land. No! The cause of all the trouble in that “center of the earth” strip of land is due entirely to the Arabs refusal to accept the existence of a Jewish state called Israel, or called anything else, for that matter. That is the crux of the problem.

“Right of Return” is far more dangerous to The State of Israel than an all out attack by their Arab neighbors. You’re going to hear more and more about the Palestinians demand for a Right of Return.

So what is the Right of Return? The idea of the right of return is to demand that Israel allow the descendants of the 750,000 Palestinians who were displaced in 1948 and their families (which now stands at almost 4 million) back into Israel and give them full compensation for their troubles. Even if only half of these Palestinians returned, it would alter Israel's identity as a Jewish state and effectively create a second Palestinian state. One assumption made under the right of return is that the all the Arabs that lived in Israel proper were forcibly expelled from their homes in 1947 and 48. This is a myth. While historians know for a fact that a small number of the 750,000 displaced Arabs were forcibly expelled by Zionist militias (a famous example being Deir Yassin), honest and impartial historians also know that a large number of this 750,000 strong population left on their own, either to avoid an upcoming war between the Zionists and the Arabs, or to join the Arabs in the fighting against the newly established state.” (From:the Middle East Now. You'll find it HERE. )

The "Palestinians" will obfuscate, and delay, and continue to carry on their war to wipe Israel from the face of the map. They will use any means to do it, up to, and including, using the US State Department and Secretary of State... and a VERY naive President to do it.

As a conservative, I believe in “peace through victory”. To take that a step farther, I believe we ought to unleash Israel and let them do whatever they find necessary to eradicate the Palestinian problem on their borders.

But that is not going to happen any time soon. Watch as our socialist President, with his Secretary of State, try to bring peace to the the Holy Land. Watch as the Arabs play them for "suckers" just as they have all the rest since the late 1940's. It would be funny... if it were not for all the dead bodies lying all over the landscape.

If the world truly wants peace in the Middle East, especially that portion we erroneously call Palestine, then the world should get out of the way and allow Israel to take care of business.

J. D. Longstreet


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  1. Before 1948 the Palestinians were the Jews living in Israel.

    And if the Arabs get a right of return, so should each of the 1 million Jews and their decedents who were forcibly thrown out of every Arab nation. How about letting them and their decedents have one too.