Monday, February 23, 2009

Alan Keys Calls Obama a “Communist” and a “Usurper”

Alan Keys, the well-known American conservative political activist, author, former diplomat, and “perennial candidate” for public office, is on the move with ramped up attacks against President Obama. He refuses to call Obama “President” and instead says that Obama is a “usurper.” Keys calls Obama a “Communist” and warns "Stop Obama or the US will cease to exist".

H/T to The Snooper Report for finding this video.

Here’s what the LA Times had to say:

Alan Keyes stokes Obama birth certificate controversy

The controversy over the validity of Barack Obama's birth certificate is back on a burner with firebrand conservative Alan Keyes making serious new charges.

In a video (see below) released Friday, Keyes, who lost to Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois that launched the new president's national political career, calls Obama a communist and usurper and says he refuses to acknowledge the validity of Obama's inauguration over lingering questions in the minds of many conspiracists about the 44th president's birthplace.

Conspiracists??? The LA Times implies that “conspiracists” are those “backward” folks that insist that the American Constitution should be followed to the letter of the law and that Presidential candidates should be required to prove their eligibility to run for the highest office of the land.

The LA Times article continues . . .

The U.S. Constitution requires any president be born an American citizen.

In June, the Obama campaign released to The Ticket a copy of the then-senator's Hawaiian birth certificate (see the jump below and also here). But stubbornly persistent critics demand to see the original, which the state has refused to provide, citing personal privacy reasons.

Shame on those “stubbornly persistent critics!” Obama could have easily made the original birth certificate available but chose not to do so. Instead what Obama passed off as a birth certificate is merely a certificate of live birth, which some experts now believe is a forgery. For a detailed discussion see The Obama AWOL Birth Certificate Update and Petition To Prove Obama’s Eligibility To Serve As President Of The US

The LA Times article continues . . .

And the critics, including Keyes explaining here, cite Obama relatives in Kenya as saying he was actually born there in his father's native land when his American mother was too young to pass on her U.S. citizenship.

Because Sarah Hussein Obama, Obama’s step-grandmother, . . . “has been so very adamant that Senator Barack Obama, was born in Kenya, and that she was present and witnessed his birth in Kenya, not the United States, his eligibility to run for President has been questioned.”

The LA Times article continues . . .

In December, as The Ticket reported here, the Supreme Court dismissed without comment a New Jersey lawsuit seeking to bar Obama's inauguration due to questions over his actual citizenship. The Obama camp has proceeded normally as if there was no controversy.

Obviously, the inauguration proceeded, although on the advice of White House counsel as a precaution against a verbal muff during the noontime Jan. 20 public ceremony, Obama did take the presidential oath again that night in private with Chief Justice John Roberts. His White House lawyer feared igniting another simmering legal controversy if there was any doubt about the oath's validity, although the Constitution stipulates the new president takes office at noon no matter what.

However, the dispute over his birthplace continues. Listen here to Keyes' rather strong language.

Watch the above video!!!

ALAN KEYES is the special guest on "The Awakening w/ Hanen & Arlen," on The Sentinel Radio Network, 2/23 at 8pm ET,,,5pm PT

Why is Barack Obama not accountable to Americans and to the constitution?  Keyes is on the move, to get to the dregs and documentation on Obama (in) eligibility. Obama had his lawyer threaten him and Keyes does not flinch.  In fact, he has just laid in on the line, calling Obama a Communist and calling him out on his "presidency."

Keyes will then be joined by Thomas Hoefling, also of America's Independent Party, and TSRN panelists and callers.

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  1. Obama HAS produced his birth certificate!! You can read all about that here.

    There was a United States after Carter, after Clinton, after Kennedy, after LBJ and after Roosevelt. There will be one after Obama too.

    It is too bad Keys has chosen to make false accusation and throw around ridiculous labels like "communist" instead of being a reasoned voice in a national debate on the future of our country.

  2. Wespi - the link you provided is to the politically liberal "factcheck" - clearing my throat!!! They failed to mention the vital difference between a birth certificate and a certificate of life birth.

    Here's what Keys says on his own blog as of 2/14/09

    "Now Obama's lawyers have filed a motion to quash our effort to obtain the relevant documents (cf. Bob Unruh's WND article Sanctions sought in eligibility case.) I am told that it includes a demand that monetary penalties be assessed against me and the other plaintiffs in the suit."

  3. Have you seen this:

    I think this is just the beginning.

  4. i have heard a lot of things keys has said and i never found him to tell anything false. he is a good man. america should be listening to him while we still have an america.

  5. I am a white retired female. I voted for Obama because of his campaign speeches! He sounded as if he were for the PEOPLE. I mean the PEOPLE of the U.S. AMERICANS. The laugh is on us. His campaign promise to BRING HOME OUR TROOPS WITHIN 6 MONTHS. Well, I think it has been well over 6 months. Plus, Obama NEVER mentioned fooling with our RETIREMENT or MEDICARE. He has no business with either. RETIMREMENT belongs to retirees, not the government. It's OUR money, not theirs. Medicare was doing OK also. It did NOT need any reforming. It may not be the very best coverage, but it acceptable. I think that when a president of the U.S. states promises and then does NOT follow them thru, I think it is time for impeachment. And I can not believe I am saying all of this. I have always tried to support our PRESIDENTS. But, this time I simply can not. I have never in my life been so disappointed with a man, with a president. I do not know what can be done, but something needs doing - NOW!