Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hindu-Jewish Coalition Demands That America Stand Up to Islamic Terrorism.

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A call to action, via Dr. Phyllis Chesler:

... For some unexpected good news. Hindus (yes, those who live in Bombay/Mumbai as well as all over the world), Jews, (yes, those who live in Israel and elsewhere around the world), Christians, and Buddhists are organizing a rally right opposite the White House on January 20th, the day of President-elect Obama’s Inauguration. This “Coalition for Peace” is urging Obama to “declare Pakistan a terrorist state; stop Iran from producing an atomic bomb; stop Saudi Arabia from funding terrorism; stop Pakistan’s double game with the USA; stop Hamas and Hezbollah’s rocket attacks into Israel; seize Saudi Arabian assets for crimes against humanity.”

Sounds good to me.

The Coalition for Peace are asking people to rally in Washington, DC on January 20th, right opposite the White House from 12-4pm. The Coalition writes:

“The oldest traditions of the world, Hinduism and Judaism, are facing the biggest threat of our times in the form of Radical Islam. Today this problem threatens humanity itself. The brain washing of Islamic children with intolerant ideologies, is being funded by countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. There is an urgent need to control the use of enormous oil revenues directed at efforts to Islamize the whole world.” (please continue reading)

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Dr. Ely Karmon - ICT Senior Researcher

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