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Heroes and Enemies

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Father Zakaria Botros on "The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet", Jihad Watch


Life TV’s Father Zakaria Botros recently ran a show dedicated to discussing the question of morality and how it is—or should be—one of the hallmarks of “prophethood.” At the start, he posed the focal question of the show: “Was Muhammad the prophet a moral man—the most upright man, worthy of being emulated by the world?”

He opened the show by relying on an Ibn Taymiyya quote, which evaluated the signs of prophethood. Taymiyya asserted that there are many false-prophets, such as Musailima “the Liar,” a contemporary of Muhammad. Taymiyya concluded that many of these so-called prophets are, in fact, “possessed,” and that the only way to determine the authenticity of any prophet is by examining his biography (sira) and deeds, and see if he be found worthy of the title. (continue reading at Jihad Watch)

UK minister and radio host fired for defending Christian teachings on air, thereby offending Muslims, Dhimmi Watch

Rev. Mahboob Masih: racist?

Absurd Britannia Update: "Presenter sacked for 'supporting the Bible's teachings' on radio," by Andrew Alderson for the Telegraph, January 11 (thanks to Leal):

A radio presenter is taking legal action after he alleged he was sacked for offending Muslims by defending Christianity on air.

The Rev Mahboob Masih, a Church minister, claims he was unfairly dismissed and that the action taken against him was a case of religious discrimination. (continue reading at Dhimmi Watch)


While Israel Crushes Hamas –An Islamic Intifada Groundswell Rises In The West, Ironic Surrealism II. ACTS of TERROR in SOLIDARITY with TERRORISTS live and in color images and video London, Greece, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, and America (Ft. Lauderdale, New York, Los Angeles,... Velvet Hammer says:

All multiculturalism, open borders diversity loving, cultural relativism spouting son of a bitches THIS is what you have reaped for your countries! Tell me these are not acts of WAR. I dare you you! You whimpering self loathing treasonous subversive bastards! (read all the commentary and see the images and video here)

The enemies on US soil are attacking innocent non-Muslim Americans on US streets. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of incidents. What will happen? Will they be arrested? Will they even be identified? They shout "We will kill you. This is our country." Read about it in Dr. Phyllis Chesler's article "Non-Jewish Pro-Israel Couple Attacked By Muslim Mob in NYC 1/11/09." here.

Interesting informative reading, hat tip Marcus Wilder, The Naive Abroad:

1. A blog by American filmmaker, Laura Bialis, now living in Sderot, Israel.
A look into the daily life in a city bombed by Hamas on a daily basis... for 8 years.

2. A taped speech by Brigitte Gabriel on Palestinians. Brigitte is Lebanese.

3. These are video clips with an audio explanation by a Christian Palestinian man - about the Hamas

4. This is compiled of clips showing how the Hamas use children as human shields and watchdogs.

5. John Voight on Israel

6. The real situation in Israel

7. Israel's Policy Is Perfectly 'Proportionate' - Hamas are the real war criminals in this conflict.
An article in The Wall Street Journal by Mr. Alan Dershowitz - a law professor at Harvard. His latest book is "The Case Against Israel's Enemies" (Wiley, 2008).

8. Geert Wilders Speaks: Anti-Koran Film "Fitna" - What he says, may be a bit extreme for some to stomach, but he does bring up problem of Islam's growth in Europe, and the problem of being tolerant of the intolerant - which has been the way in Europe for a long time. (Part 1) (Part 2)

9. The legal justification for Israel's self-defense action (by Guy Grant - International Law specialist)

10. The suicide bomber ideology

11. A clip on Hamas

12. Barack Obama visits Sderot, Israel

13. Two other websites that are also good sources of information are:

We all need to be praying, contacting our law enforcement officials, contacting our politicians, educating our friends, family and neighbors of the present situation and what it means for America's future.

Also, J.D. Long suggests we meet together at the flag pole in our local communities to pray for our nation, specifically on January 20, 2009, when Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the United States of America. Read "Meet Me At The Pole" to get the details.

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