Monday, December 08, 2008

Socialized Medicine In The US Could Cost Me My life.

Socialized Medicine In The US Could Cost Me My life.
By J. D. Longstreet

Socialized medicine may seem like a good thing to you; unless you are sick, even less so if you are chronically ill.

We have been warning of the dangers, and the short comings, of socialized medicine for a very long time and it is looking more and more as if we are going to have it rammed down our throats by the democrats… whether we want it or not.

Given a choice between healthcare run by the government and keeping my private insurance and paying the premiums and going to see the doctor, I want to see, and not some civil servant working for the government healthcare system, I’ll take the latter any day. In fact, the choice, for me, is a “no-brainer.”

Since 1965 I have been hospitalized over 70 times. I have had numerous surgeries and I must see a doctor every four to six weeks of my life. See, I know the value of a good healthcare system and I know, first hand, the value of having a doctor, in whom I have confidence, treating me. I know what it means to have a rapport with your physician. That, alone, is tremendously important when you are chronically ill.

Unlike a lot of folks, when I think of nationalized healthcare, I perceive a threat to my life. I have no doubt that the introduction of socialized healthcare in the US will shorten my life and bring it to a termination much sooner than currently expected. In fact, I have no doubt about it. There are millions of Americans, just like me, who will have their lives shortened by the coming socialized medicine in America.

Nevertheless, it IS coming and the election of Obama, and the control of the Congress by the democrats, assured that.

Behind the scenes the campaign has already begun to prepare American citizens for what is about to happen to them.

Obama assures us he will not make the same mistakes Hillary made with her attempt at “Clintoncare” during her husband’s administration some 15 years ago. Clintoncare was a ponderous mess. Whatever the US winds up with will be a ponderous mess, too, you can bet on it.
The coming Obama administration has already begun their political campaign for it as well as their public relations campaign for it. Don’t be fooled. It really makes no difference what YOU want, you are going to get socialized healthcare under the Obama administration. By asking Americans to share their healthcare experiences with them, Obama and his people hope to appear to brush aside the curtain of secrecy Hillary drew around her planning and negotiations for Clinton care, which was one of the major objections to her plan back then. Don’t believe it for a single moment. It is a ploy and nothing more. I repeat what I said above, they do not care what your objections are… Americans are going to get socialized medicine. It is a done deal.

This time around they will try to conceal the details of their plans for this massive take-over of the American healthcare system. You can be certain they will not allow us, American citizens, to see how our healthcare will change under their plan(s). In other words we, the consumers, will not be allowed to see the fine print, let alone read it, until it is a fait accompli. How slick is that?

Where oh, where, will the money come from to finance this national money pit? TAXES! Obama has already said he plans on soaking the rich and big business to pay for it. But what about the recession they say we are in? Seems to me a lot of the resources from which Obama had planned to draw the money to finance this mess are drying up, if they haven’t already. Guess where they will turn next for the cash. You’ve got it! You and me!

Why are the dems pushing so hard for socialized medicine in the US? It is another step in their plan to bring the welfare state to America and establish socialism as the “master” form of government in the US!

Look, it matters not what you have been taught in our government schools, there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE HEALTHCARE! SOMEBODY IS GOING TO PAY! Who pays? You and I will pay… in taxes. If you think healthcare is expensive now… just wait ‘til it’s free!

Get a GRIP, America! There is NO FREE LUNCH! There never has been! If you want it… you must be prepared to pay for it.

When you look past the carefully erected fa├žade, the democrats have placed between us and the details of what they have planned for us, you will find that socialized medicine is not about healthcare. It’s about power and control of this nation’s citizens. Obama and his minions have placed this nation on the fast track to socialism and socialized medicine is a major, major, step in accomplishing that goal.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to fight their plans for socialized medicine in America every step of the way. I am expecting to lose, but, hey, I’m fighting for my life.

J.D. Longstreet


  1. Retired military dependents and those who use the VA as our source of medical care can tell you how government run medical care works. We experience it on a regular basis. I have found that for the most part the VA provides decent care. Problems stem from the fact that you never have a regular doctor especially if your VA happens to be a teaching hospital and the doctors are residents from nearby Medical Schools and other teaching hospitals.
    As far as dependents of retired military, especially widows the horror stories are too many to speak of. There you are a "throw away commodity". The doctors are becoming more and more foreign trained as was noted in the fact that the government will be "recruiting" foreign doctors to fill the gap in military hospitals this coming year. Look for more and more of that in Obama's Medical program. The system there works like an assembly line with only so many minutes allocated to each patient. You never see the same doctor for more than MAYBE a year. None of the incoming know anything about you or your medications that you may be taking and how they have worked or not worked in the past. I have a dear friend who goes to Ft.Gordon and she struggles constantly with the new doctors who always want to change her Thryroid meds and haven't read the record to see anything about her actual condition. I have pages of horror stories from my friends and their families on just how well Tri-Care works. It doesn't and civilian doctors won't touch it for the most part because the government is so slow to pay or only pays a very small portion. If Medicare is involved, they won't pay at all without a grievance being filed and then it is 50-50 that you will get any satisfaction. Such will be the new Socialized National Medical system. The foreign doctor recruitment for the military is just a precursor to the implementation of National Medical care so don't kid yourself.
    When you go to a doctor and see that he is a graduate of Medical School of Camel Pile Jordon beware and remember you were warned. My friend now has one of those graduates as a primary care physican, or did have until she saw his certification and refused to allow him to treat her. His English was so bad that she did not understand him at all and his notes were so scrambled that no one could make heads or tails of them.
    It's coming and I have given you a small example of what it will be.
    If you are 65 or over or approaching the magic number be prepared to be one of the "throw aways" for why waste money on "the old". Not to worry however, those "old farts" in congress will continue to receive only the best care your money can buy while you do without.

  2. Tell me about it Ticker. Can you imagine a vet from Afghanistan going to see a doctor at the VA and all they have are Pakistani doctors. I have seen many a recent vet go off on them. It's not the fault of the vet, but of the VA for not understanding combat situations and mentality.

    I have yet to see the same doctor twice in a row at any VA hospital. And this is what Obama and the Donkeycrats will do to the rest of us.

  3. Findails, the friend I spoke of has finally given up on treatment at the military hospital at Ft.Gordon. Her Tri-Care Plus is useless in the civilian world except with a few select doctors in the area who will still put up with the hassle. Her "Jordanian" doctor has instructed the "interns" not to issue any drugs to the patient with out her going through him, who she refuses to see because of his lack of accreditation from an American Medical School, which by the way is her right under the Patient Bill of Rights for Military and Dependents.
    He is an Internal Medicine type working in Primary Care who is trying to practice Neurology without any training in the field thus my friend suffers from lack of medication, depression and fear of falling due to neurological condition that the Jordanian Dr thinks he knows more about than the Neurologist. I suggest she file suit against the hospital(it won't be the first), the Jordanian idiot who needs deporting, and others who stand responsible. I am looking for an attorney who will take on this case and perhaps others to make it a class action suit. Ft. Gordon is a nightmare when it comes to medical. Google it sometime.
    Yes, we will all be in the same boat when the "saviors" socialized medical care arrives, thank to fools who have no clue about the individual they voted into office. They be waitin fo de check in de mail.