Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama’s Kenyan Family Members Muzzled

The Kenyan government has blocked Kenyan members of President-elect Barrack Obama's extended family from talking to the media. Family members will have to ask permission from the government before issuing any statement concerning Obama.

According to, a proposed Obama Cultural Home comprised of "a museum, a gallery, a library and a leadership centre" will be put up in the sleepy village of Kogelo.

Athman Said, an Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Heritage, said that his department was “liaising” with the United States government “to have both published and un-published materials by President-elect Obama on display” at a newly proposed library.

The ban on Obama’s Kenyan family members talking to the media without government permission most likely stems from Obama’s step-grandmother’s statements earlier this year in which she swore before witnesses that she was present at Obama’s birth in Kenya.

Attorney Philip J. Berg had filed a U.S. Supreme Court Writ of Certiorari and Application for Stay of the Presidential Election based on affidavits by Rev. Kweli Shuhubia and interviews by Bishop McRae with Sarah Hussein Obama.

According to Berg, “Justice Kennedy denied our Application for an Injunction to Stay Electoral Vote Count by Congress on January 8, 2009. However, our Writ of Certiorari is still pending and is now scheduled for Conference before U.S. Supreme Court on January 9, 2009.”

According to a Dec 18 International Analyst Network article, clouds still hover over the presidential election due to lingering questions about Obama’s birth place and constitutional eligibility to become president.

"Should Senator Obama be discovered, after he takes office, to be ineligible for the Office of President of the United States of America and, thereby, his election declared void," argues the Alan Keyes case pending in California, "Americans will suffer irreparable harm in that (a) usurper will be sitting as the President of the United States, and none of the treaties, laws, or executive orders signed by him will be valid or legal."

A Nov 7 article in the Voice of America News, states that US President-Elect Barack Obama's 84-year old step-grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, wants to travel to the United States to witness the inauguration of her grandson on January 20, 2009.

Although Sarah is Obama's step grandmother, the president-elect reportedly treats her like his natural grandmother.


  1. (Forget my email, comments are working.) Thanks for the news. I’m cross posting. I’ve been working on another project, and haven’t been blogging for a while, but this article needs circulating.

  2. This is the way Obama has done it in America. Somehow, all the knowing mouths are zipped.

    I saw one report after Grandma Sarah spoke about "the birth," which said that her house has guards stationed and she was basically a prisoner inside. Was it for her own safety, or....?

  3. While the “October Surprise” credit crisis netted Obama the general election, a “January Surprise” constitutional crisis will NOT net Obama the Presidency!

  4. Ted I really don't think there will be a constitutional crisis that will ever see the light of day!