Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No Doubt About It - Obama Is A Socialist

Saturday Barack Obama released his video, promising massive Federal spending like most of us haven’t seen in our lifetime. He promised lots of goodies, like internet access in every living room. What he didn’t mention is how he plans to pay for his big splurge.

It seems he didn’t get the memo about how FDR’s New Deal, contrary to popular belief, made the depression last much longer than it had to. You can read about it here and here. If that weren’t bad enough, Mr. Obama appeared on Meet the Press Sunday morning with Tom Brokaw and told us all what he really believes.

For all of you calling Obama a centrist, just remember, his team reports to him. He will set policy and they will do as they’re told. Barack Obama has every intention of spreading the wealth. His (and Brokaw’s) comments are disturbing.

On spreading the wealth: “I think the important principle, because sometimes when we start talking about taxes, and I say I want a more balanced tax code, people think, well, that’s class warfare. No. It turns out that our economy grows best when the benefits of the economy are most widely spread. And that has been true historically.” See commentary and video at NewsBusters.

Regarding the auto industries (after Brokaw suggested taxing gas so it’s $4 a gallon again): “Now, it’s not unique to the auto industry. We have seen that across the board. Certainly, we saw it on Wall Street. And, part of what I’m hoping to introduce as the next president is a new ethic of responsibility where we say that if you’re laying off workers, the least you can do when you’re making $25 million a year is give up some of your compensation and some of your bonuses. Figure out ways in which workers may have to take a haircut, but they can still keep their jobs, they can still keep their healthcare, and they can still stay in their homes. That kind of notion of shared benefits and burdens is something that I think has been lost for too long, and it’s something that I’d like to see restored.” More video and commentary at NewsBusters.

The biggest commie prize goes to this statement explaining why paying high taxes is patriotic: “Well, I think what Joe meant is exactly what I described which is that if, if our entire economic policy is premised on the notion that greed is good and what’s in it for me, it turns out that that’s not good for anybody. It’s not good for the wealthy, it’s not good for the poor, and it’s not good for the vast majority in the middle.” More commentary and video at NewsBusters.

He plans to spend billions (or trillions, who knows!) of our children’s dollars on jobs for relatively few of us that are temporary at best. He believes that when you wake up in the morning to go to work, you shouldn’t be doing it for your own good and he should decide how much executives earn. This man thinks he can plan the economy. And he plans to do so the moment he takes office.

Do you still believe he’s not a socialist?

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  1. No sir, he is not a socialist. He is a Marxist. He has already started with the takeover of the banks, and now the auto industry. Pretty soon Free Enterprise and private ownership will be gone.