Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Media Objectivity?

Media Objectivity is Dead! But Most Americans Just Noticed.
By J. D. Longstreet

Pardon me if I stand and cheer when I read and hear reports of newspaper organizations crumbling and going under, some out of business. Forgive me if I applaud loudly as the “unbiased” media gets it’s due.

It is always good to see the arrogant ones get what’s coming to them and of all the arrogant businesses on the face of the planet; the Mainstream Media is certainly the most arrogant.

This past election cycle in the United States the Mainstream Media dropped all pretence of being unbiased. They decided early on that Obama was their candidate and they did everything possible to promote him and his campaign… and they succeeded. To hell with what the readers and viewers wanted! To hell with being fair! The media knew Obama was the best thing for America and they went about making absolutely sure he was elected.

It was a terrible thing to do to their subscribers and readers. They have been losing subscribers and listeners and viewers by the droves and yet, they hang on to the overt liberalism in their biased reporting --- all the while insisting that they are not the least bit biased and that all their reporting is “right down the middle”. Why, even a blind man can see through that claim.

Have you ever wondered how blogging suddenly came out of nowhere and became such an overnight success? Well, the bias of the Mainstream Media is your answer. People have grown tired of their false claims and their “in the tank” reporting for all causes liberal and many decided they could do a better job of it by simply telling readers right at the banner head of their website that yes, this site is biased in favor of conservatism, or even liberalism. Surfers on the Internet like that honesty. They surf to a site, see the declaration of it’s biases right on the front page and, Walla, they like it! The Web Log business took off like a rocket and shows no sign of losing strength or popularity among users of the Internet.

Cal Thomas has an excellent piece on this very thing over at:
We recommend you drop by and read it. He is right on the money.

Thomas mentions an article titled: “The Death of Objectivity” in the Colorado Springs Gazette. That, too, is a must read and you’ll find it here:

For years now, I have been relying on what I refer to as “off shore” media to access news of current events in America. I simply do not trust my own country’s media to supply a straight forward report on what happened, who was involved and when… basically, the fundamentals of a news story, and allow me to draw my own conclusions. I have grown weary of being told what I should think about a news story, how I will be expected to react to that story, and why I should react in a certain way. I’m a big boy. I’m fairly well educated and I have nearly seven decades of experience in a whole lot of things including the broadcast news business.

Will the Mainstream Media recover? Possibly. But I doubt they will survive in the same configuration. Already, many have established a presence on the Internet, experimenting with the “New Media,” if you will. But it will take many decades to recover, even if they are successful. I expect their turf has been lost to the New Media, the Internet. If one could point to any single show of bias from the media as the “coup de grace,” it would have be their almost total and blatant bias for Obama the democratic candidate for President of the US. (Now President-Elect) It will take at least a generation for Americans to finally “get over it” as they say. Me? I will never forgive them for it.

On the other hand, it just might be that the news business has reverted to it’s past when all the news outlets were overtly biased. In which case the newspaper business, as a hard copy, on paper, delivered to your door each morning, is dead. It’s as dead as their objectivity.

J. D. Longstreet


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