Monday, November 10, 2008

National Holiday for Obama in the Works

The Topeka-Capital Journal announced on Sunday that planning is underway for an Obama holiday. This isn’t a hoax. Several blogs around the nation have picked up the story. “Yes We Can” rallies have a goal to secure a national holiday for Obama.

The link to the Topeka-Capital Journal ( story, which appeared in several blogs, pulled up a blank page, but you can try it here. If you go to the main page of, you can look in the comments on the right sidebar and link to the story from there.

Here’s the gist of the story:

“Yes We Can” rallies have a goal to secure a national holiday for Obama. Planning sessions will be held every Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening at a downtown McDonal’s restaurant in Topeka.

There will also be organized celebrations of Obama’s inauguration to also “celebrate the 200th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, who was born on Feb. 12 1809.”

On Inauguration Day, an “Obama Cake” will be served at the downtown McDonald's.

Readers comments (107 so far) were overwhelmingly negative. Here’s a sample:

What kind of a . . .joke is this to try to secure a national holiday for a president-elect. Wait 8 years, if he is still president, see what kind of a legacy, if any, he leaves behind, and then decide if he is worthy of an attempt to make a national holiday.


  1. Thanks, that just made me nauseous.

  2. Paul he's the new Messiah, what else do we expect his followers to do?

  3. I could not believe the title when I saw it, what audacity! He's not even president yet. Gee, I'm going to throw up.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  4. From reading the article it would seem that the "plans" being made are being made by a small group of people, hence the instructions about planning rallies being held at the "downtown McDonalds".

    If this were a well planned, nationally organized group do you think they'd be having planning rallies in a local McDonalds in downtown Topeka?!?

    You're so quick to jump on anything that has to do with Obama that you'll use any article, no matter how small the paper or insignificant the source, just so you can keep knocking Obama.

    Did it never occur to you that a few people in Topeka, meeting at the local McDonalds, are not representative of, nor do they speak for the rest of the country.

    Yes, I voted for Obama. But any talk of national holidays or anything of the sort is just ridiculous, especially at this point.

  5. Yeah, this is weak at best. I also voted for Obama but those who are (if they are) trying to secure a holiday are crazy. And why McDonald's??? That's really low.

  6. Hey guys this story made it to the local news so go tell them to stop writing stories that might be unflattering to the Messiah. Didn't you notice? This is a conservative blog!

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  8. Thre went my appetite for today.

  9. Have they set a date for the ascension yet?