Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McCain fails to Defend Palin on Tonight Show

John McCain appeared on the Tonight Show Tuesday night. Responding to questions from Jay Leno concerning the attacks on Sarah Palin by unnamed sources in the McCain campaign, McCain appeared to be damming Palin with faint praise.

According to Newsday, McCain called it "one of the things that happen in campaigns. ... I'm just very proud to have [had] Sarah Palin and her wonderful family."

McCain’s obvious ducking of Leno’s question without further explanation indicates that if there wasn‘t a rift in his own campaign before the election, there certainly appears to be one now in the Republican party over Palin.

Palin galvanized the conservative base of the Republican party but many saw her as a lightening rod which highlighted the divisions in the party. She excited most conservatives but others questioned if she was ready for role of vice president.

A Palm Beach Post Editorial this morning claims that Gov. Palin “already is auditioning for the 2012 nomination,” and that it would be a mistake to chain the Republican party to either Sarah Palin voters or to Charlie Crist voters.

The editorial suggests that the GOP must widen its base from the South, the rural Southwest, and lightly populated Mountian West voters who like Palin the most because the political demographics of the country are rapidly changing.

The Altoona called the trashing of Palin undignified and unprofessional and called McCain’s failure to come to Palin’s defense a “lack of class for someone who wanted to hold the highest office in the land.”

That's why his silence is puzzling. If only to defend his own reputation, McCain should have Palin's back. . .The comments also reflect on those whispering McCain aides. What were they advising the GOP nominee before the Palin pick?

Bill McIntyre of Canada Free Press expresses his complete disdain for America’s MSM (mainstream media), which offered one-sided shabby treatment of Palin before the election and now stand in line to interview her.

During the campaign the MSM couldn’t do enough to make Palin look like a greedy idiot who wasn’t smarter than a fifth grader. . . They ignored the stupid comments of Joe Biden but couldn’t get make enough of any slips made by Palin. . . And now, these same shameless bullies want to interview her?

McIntyre believes that the MSM are attempting to distance themselves from their mean-spirited conduct towards Palin during the election.

And here’s another manifestation of the MSM’s self-renewal campaign. On CNN, if you are still watching these clowns, you will notice that the crawler on the bottom of the screen now contains never-ending feedback from CNN’s audience. Interestingly the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.


  1. I don't agree. I think McCain defended Palin pretty well. See the transcript on RCP or watch the interview on the NBC web site...

    I'm not sure why you think McCain didn't defend her....

  2. I agree with the earlier comment. I believe McCain did a good job defending her. He almost seemed to dismiss the criticism - which is the best thing he could've done. By acting as though it was small, and petty, it downplayed it. Had he come out yelling and screaming that Palin was a genious and the press was evil, it would have made the issue a bigger deal than it should be. I think John McCain has handled himself with honor and dignity - both before the election and after. I do, however, respect your opinion, and agree with your thoughts on how the press has treated her.

    Thanks for blogging!

  3. I think McCain defended her well...or as much as he needed to...

    The republicans need to unite around the commander in chief (Obama)...they are getting a prime opportunity to show the world that even though they lost some seats and a party prez, they can still be team players and earn the hearts and minds over the next 4-8 years.

    How do these select few in the GOP want to be remembered? as finger pointers and mud slingers or as people who will deal with the cards they are dealt?

    I think McCain's team lost as a team....You cant peg one thing on a loss, its everything....

    First off, Obama's ground game was brought a no-name to the highest office in the land, dont forget....On top of that you had off issue mud slinging, the "suspension" of his campaign during a crisis that questioned McCain's temperment......

    But Palin herself is not totally blameless....she botched some interviews, felt that geographical location equates to foreign policy experience, couldnt name a piece of legislation that McCain had past that made him a reformer, couldnt name a supreme court ruling outside of roe v wade.....

    I bet that if Hillary had won the nomination....Hillary would be president....America is not afraid of a woman president, they just want the right woman president....and now, that is not Palin...If palin can take these next 4-8 years and build her resume she can try again.....


  4. McCain defended her, complimented her and made it clear he didn't want anyone dissecting her or his opinions of her every move on national television.
    He was a gentleman, supportive, gallant and discreet.
    And he is no fool - if he began to address even one itemized point, it would lead to a quick jab at Palin by the host, and he would be forced to comment.
    McCain isn't new to this game.

    He did well =)

  5. I disagree with the above comments. Sure he defended her but not vigerously. The point is that his campaign staff had a problem that they needed to resolve once her name was out there. Had they come to terms with it or nixed it before she was announced well that would end it.

    The Palin pick was perfect. It only would have taken some backbone on the republicans to point out that the MSM was being unfair. No one stood up for Sarah to say look I hate that Katie Curic cow. Who the hell does she think she is?

    Sarah Palin is a plain spoken woman and new to the national political scene. Mark my words she will be a force in times to come.

  6. It is wrong to think about 2012 now. In 2004 did anyone really think that Obama could get the nomination let alone win?

  7. I didn't see the interview, but I do hope Palin will NEVER grant an interview to Oprah. I hope she gets down to big business in Alaska - continues to do a great job there, and then moves to whatever is appropriate at that time.

  8. Too little, too late, as far as I'm concerned John McCain should have come out right away.