Tuesday, November 25, 2008

International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

The UN meeting observing the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is to be held Tuesday at the UN headquarters in New York. Today is the second day of the two-day celebration which includes numerous pro-Palestinian exhibitions.

Haarretz.com reports that Israel is bracing for a concerted diplomatic attack against Israel during this second day of Palestinian day celebrations at the United Nations.

Haarretz.com predicts that the Palestinians and the Arab states will push forth their public campaign directed at the international community concerning the suffering of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation and they will denounce Israel as being responsible for a lack of solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The debate is expected to end with the adoption of some 20 anti-Israel resolutions. In the past, these included denouncing Israel for annexing East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights in separate resolutions.

Many supporters of Israel view this day as the annual “anti-Israel ritual” where the UN will typically pass a number of pro-Palestinian resolutions due to the fact that there is a “built-in Arab and third-world majority in the General Assembly.”

According to China View, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao sent a congratulatory message to a UN meeting which stated that “China staunchly supports the restoration of the legal rights of the Palestinian people as well as the Mideast peace process.”

Jiabo went on to say:

“As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China will continue to support the United Nations in playing an important role in solving the Mideast problem and pushing forward the settlement of the Palestinian issue.”

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  1. Those Jews won't be happy about this. Pat Buchanan said "Capital Hill was Israeli occupied territory", so I guess the U.S. will withdraw from the U.N.

  2. Wheeee! So what? All that 'staunch support..." never has materialized into a threat. All of Palestine's rowdy non profit foreign jawflappers learned (and many in the immediate hood learned the HARD way not to send their own precious panzers and combat jets against Little Satan.

    Consider the lack of PR for such a meaningless, risible, out of touch mindset is like another of the 300 reasons Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue is expanding globally exponentially.