Saturday, November 01, 2008

Faultline USA Announces Two New Contributors

The well known and respected political writer, Roger W. Gardner, will be contributing and cross-posting articles from his award-winning blog, Radarsite. Fox News has endorsed many Radarsite articles at GOP Hub and Radarsite is one of the 25 Top-Rated Israel Forum blogs. Additionally, Radarsite has had numerous articles published in the Chicago Sun Times Group, and is often referenced by a number of well-known news outlets.

J.D. Longstreet of Insight on Freedom began contributing to Faultline USA in October. His thoughtful articles reflect his proud “Southern American” conservative viewpoint:

The US is in very real danger from a politically ignorant, uninformed electorate. For the uninformed, politically ignorant, American voter is in the catbird seat this November. It is they who will decide the next President of the United States.   ...   Longstreet

Longstreet’s article, “I Overestimated My Fellow Americans” garnered a tremendous readership yesterday and reflects the frustration that many conservatives feel over America’s steady march towards a socialist government.

Faultline USA is proud to have Roger and J.D. join our fine group of patriotic contributors:

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