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Why I Believe McCain Will Lose. ... By: J. D. Longstreet

Why I Believe McCain Will Lose
By: J. D. Longstreet

There is a lot of dejection in the ranks of the Republican Party these days. As the rank and file of the GOP looks at the disparaging poll numbers the fear is growing that McCain will not be able to close the gap on Obama before Election Day.

Conservatives, never happy with, nor ever quite sure of McCain’s chances in the first place, yet willing to hold their noses and cast a ballot for him in a desperate attempt to thwart the leftist agenda Obama will carry with him into the Oval Office, are the MOST discouraged, it seems to me.

Since the 2000 election campaign, we here at IoF have declared that John McCain will never be President of the United States. We still believe that.

Conservative voters have been loath to support the McCain ticket. Without the support of conservatives a GOP candidate can forget victory in a Presidential campaign. Without that conservative support there is no “fire” in the campaign. The fighting spirit, which rests almost entirely with conservatives on the right, simply is not there. You cannot have missed the lack of zest and zeal in the McCain Campaign. You don’t see it because… it isn’t there.

Even those conservatives who have vowed to support McCain after he brought Palin on board have withheld total commitment. Their heart is just not in it.

Since day one of the campaign for the oval office 2008 conservatives have scratched their collective heads in wonderment at the candidates the GOP wheeled out for our inspection. At first, we thought it was a bad joke. Then, it was rumored that the upper echelons in the party were saying they didn’t need conservative support to win the White House. We KNEW the party was in serious trouble at that moment.

There has been a tug of war within the GOP since the conservative take-over in the mid 1990’s. The resentment of the bluebloods and the country club Republicans toward the K-Mart Republicans has been palpable. You see… we conservatives are something of an embarrassment to them. For the most part they are the moderate to liberal branch of the GOP. (Oh, yes. Just as there are conservative democrats there are liberal republicans.) Unfortunately, the liberal republicans carry with them that “liberal guilt” just the same as their democrat counterparts. I am of the opinion there is nothing so dangerous to the country as liberal guilt no matter if the liberal is republican or democrat.

On the other side of the political spectrum the democrat party is not really a “party”. It is more an amalgamation of victim’s groups, bound together in their perceived victimhood, seeking redress from the government. They have been thus for a very long time and, in that time, have forged a bond between them in order to attain their goals. It is quite different in the GOP.

In the Republican Party, the differences between the two main groups, the liberals and the conservatives, is much wider… and… that gap can never be closed… even temporarily in order to secure victory. Conservatives can never compromise their core beliefs. Even an attempt is doomed to failure. The instant conservatives make an attempt to compromise; they are no longer conservative. You can see the problem.

And that, dear reader, is why I continue to call for a solely conservative political party. The infighting within the GOP is not going to cease until conservatives leave. Of course, the moment conservatives DO leave; the GOP will be relegated to the backbenches in Congress for a hundred years, or more.

The McCain Campaign has been a lost cause from the beginning. Apparently McCain thought he could replace conservative support with the support of Independent voters. That was never very likely because such a large percentage of independent voters are conservative voters who, for one reason or the other, left the two dominant political parties. No matter who chose that course, McCain or his advisors, in my opinion, it was unwise and it may well cost him this election. In the long run, however, conservatives may benefit from the GOP loss in November.


There is a major firestorm coming, nationally and internationally. There will be epiphanies by the bundles landing on the doorsteps of naïve American voters in the next few years. The cost of living in the US is going to skyrocket upwards along with taxes and new laws and regulations the likes of which we have never seen before. Add to that the spread of Islamofacism and the accompanying wars and rumors of wars and the ever-increasing drain on our treasury to fight those wars, here at home as well as in foreign lands, and you begin to get the picture.

Conservatives have been warning of the multitude of festering boils about to erupt but… nobody wanted to listen. In a few months reality will set in and with it a slow awakening. By then, of course, the US Ship of State will have sailed and like any ship it will take an interminably long time to turn it around and set it’s course aright. If, and it is a big “IF”, we are able to overcome what is headed our way, and begin a successful program of reconstruction, the country may find it necessary to turn to conservative leadership in order to rebuild the country and rehabilitate what will surely be a decimated military and a dispirited citizenry.

For a number of years now, decades even, there has been a growing sense, in the human psyche, that something dark and foreboding is on the threshold. I have felt it and now I sense its growing strength and it’s growing inevitability. In my opinion, there are extremely dark times ahead for America… just months ahead, in fact. We will be sorely tried, perhaps, as never before. What is even more troubling, to me, is my concern that we cannot turn back, nor can we influence what is about to happen. It is far too late. The dye is cast. Now we can only watch and wait and do whatever is necessary to survive as a nation.

J. D. Longstreet


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  1. Longstreet you have managed to do more damage to the GOP and to aide and abet the far left than anything I have read on the far left in recent days. I wrote about your kind back in January and continued to write about the Religious Far Right and the damage they could and would do even up until June. Perhaps I stopped too soon .

    In January I did a follow up piece on McCain and his distancing himself from the far right called How the Religous Far Right Will Help Elect Obama. I post it here for I doubt that you would take the time to read an opinion other than your own inflated one.
    It does appear that I was correct and I warned of the consequences.


    As I was reading the political writings this morning in several newspapers and online, I came across a few articles on how Obama is working to win the South and how he intends to pull the evangelicals into his fold and defeat McCain. One particular article about McCain claims:

    “[McCain] has also gotten himself into trouble with high-profile Evangelicals like James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family, who never warmed to the Arizona senator and has said he won't vote for him.”

    This just irritates me to no end, and so I have put my feelings on the subject to paper and published in the blogsphere for all to read.

    The crybabies like Dobson and his political stooge, Tony Perkins, are mad because they are no longer considered “Kingmakers” (see “John McCain Distances Himself from the Far Right) so they will simply pull up their soiled pants, take their sandbox toys, and go home pouting rather than vote for the Republican nominee. They will do so in an attempt to show that they still are the “power” in politics. They will cut off their nose to spite their face and allow the most leftist nominee in the history of this country to be elected, a nominee who backs “genocide” of his own race through abortion and has no qualms about allowing living aborted fetuses to be killed. He calls it “rights”; I call it murder, and so should Dobson and the rest of the religious far right fanatics. Yes, I call them fanatics because only fanatics refuse to bend in their agenda-driven ideology. They would rather see a candidate like Obama elected than to bend. I call them fanatics, whiners, and pouters because that is what they are. They will stay at home or throw away a vote on some non-viable candidate like Bob Barr and allow someone like an Obama to be elected. In doing so, they will be saying, well we can’t have it our way, so we won’t play. In doing that, they are allowing the very things that they detest to become a reality. They rant and rave about California and the “gay” marriage but will, by default, vote for such by refusing to vote for the GOP nominee, and for no other reason than they think he is too liberal. Well, just what the heck do they think Obama is, a far right of center candidate? They rant and rave about abortion but will vote by default for the individual who supports killing a live aborted fetus. The bill did not pass, yet Obama supported such genocide.

    Furthermore, these whiners and pouters would vote by default for one who voted for many more of the things they claim they are against and have made part of the agenda and a “must” for candidates they support. They would rather allow Obama to be elected, the one who voted against filtering pornography on school and library computers and voted for sex education for kindergarten children through the 5th grade.

    In 2001, he voted “present” on a bill to keep pornographic book and video stores and strip clubs from setting up within 1,000 feet of schools and churches.

    Twice, Obama voted against bills prohibiting tax funding of abortions.

    In February 2004, Obama’s wife, Michelle, sent out a fundraising letter that actually stated her concern over the rise of conservatism in the Country, and said that ‘so-called’ partial-birth abortion was a legitimate medical procedure that should be protected.

    Yes, Dobson, Perkins, Hagee, Wildmon, and the rest of the religious far right fanatics, whiners, and pouters should feel really proud of their non-votes, their throw-away votes, come January when they have elected, by default, the most liberal, leftist, socialist in the history of this country. They will have succeeded in destroying the GOP and allowing total secular humanism to become the ruling party in this country. Be prepared for the consequences.