Friday, October 17, 2008

The Real McCain Roasts Obama

Don’t miss watching these videos of the celebrity roast between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama at last night’s 63rd annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York City, an event organized by the Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

The dinner was attended by mostly Democrats including Sen. Hillary Clinton.

If the format for the three presidential debates had been a celebrity roast, McCain would have won all three hands down. His comments about Hillary and Bill Clinton were everybody’s favorites. Finally, the nation gets to see the real McCain in action! He was fantastic with biting humor that brought roars of laughter throughout his performance. Obama was funny as well, but he lacked McCain’s impeccable comic timing and a few of his jokes fell flat.

Here’s is Part 2 of McCain roasting Obama

This is part 3 - Obama roasting McCain

Savage Politics writes:

John McCain, by the admission of almost every single person present, including the Liberal Mainstream Media, dominated the night’s event and “took down the house” with his wit and comical observations about this election (to many people, the whole Hillary Clinton bid was their favorite, mine was his criticism of the Media).

Reader comments at The Caucus, The New York Times Political Blog, also appear to be giving the night to Sen. John McCain.

The Save Jersy Blog asks:

Watch for two things in particular:
1) McCain's Clinton comments
2) The applause McCain elicits when he expresses a belief that many in the heavily Democratic audience are "pulling" for him


  1. I watched and thought it was great. Obama was smiling outside, but inside he was BURNING MAD.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. The "Zoroastrian New Year" line and "It's going to be a long night at MSNBC if I pull this thing out," were my faves.

  3. THAT was the REAL John McCain. He will be a good president. I could tell that this was his element. Obama was smiling, but you could tell he wasn't happy. I don't really even understand the invitation to him because he is so clearly against everything that the catholic community believes in.

    Just a bit of time till election day. The mainstream media would have us just not even bother voting since Obama is up what today...10 - 20pts? I just hope that their ploy to wrongly elect him will backfire!

  4. Unfortunately few got to see the real thing and the LSM reruns show their messiah many more times than McCain and only show the few good ones that Obama had. They fail to show the real good ones that McCain had. I watched both CNN and FOX and they showed the same. Looks as if FOX has tanked for Obama as well.

  5. Loved it. Was laughing the whole time while doing housework. Had to reclean the house again today since I couldn't concentrate on cleaning and laughing at the same time.