Sunday, October 26, 2008

Militia Units and a Liberal President

Militia Units and a Liberal President
By J. D. Longstreet


Some time ago, I read an article by a liberal lady columnist who writes for the NYT. Besides the bitterness dripping, like hydrochloric acid, from the paragraphs of her tome, I saw something I had thought of before and stuffed back into the darken recesses of my mind only to bring it out when a situation warranted it.

One can only be stricken with the huge, the gigantic, and the monstrous proportion of the naiveté of the left. They do not live in the same world or on the same plain as the remainder of us humans. I think it is genetic. Maybe someday science can isolate the “liberal gene”

For Instance, this writer was droning on about the war and how ridiculous is was to go to war and if we’d behave ourselves and try to understand those who dislike us so much there would be less hate in the world, etc, etc, etc. It was the usual drivel from the Left.

As I was reading this woman’s rantings, and stifling a belly laugh, I remembered a telling situation, which arose during the reign of the last liberal in the White House. I’ll bet you remember it, too.

During the Clinton Administration (I use the term “administration” loosely) remember the sudden increase in the number of Militia units all over the US? Remember? Men who banded together to train as paramilitary units? Remember the attacks upon them by the MSM as a bunch of right-wing nut cases? Sure you do. It was all over TV… every evening.

Now, ask yourselves… where are all those militia units now that we have a ”moderate” President in the Whitehouse? Huh?

My state had a number of armed militia units operating here during the Clinton Administration.

Do you wonder why they only seem to appear when there is a liberal President in the White House and liberals control the Congress? Well, you should. The reason they exist is tied directly to the expectations the people of this country have about a Liberal Administration.

Common folk, you see, are savvy. They understand that Liberals have neither a real concept of military force nor do they understand the application of that military force. Therefore, they have no concept of national defense… in so far as the use of military force to protect this nation’s citizens is concerned.

Look, when a liberal President is in office, the common US citizen understands it is “everyman for himself.” We know the government cannot be relied upon to protect the nation so, US citizens take it upon themselves to do the government’s job.

And that is where the Second Amendment to the US Constitution comes in. That is one of the reasons The Founders put it in the constitution in the first place. The US citizenry is the best-armed citizenry in the world. Any outside attacking force will be met with a standing army of citizen soldiers the likes of which the world has never seen.

Of course, the other reason, The Founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution, was to insure the citizens could protect themselves from the federal government! Actually, that was the primary reason.

So, with the next Presidential election just days away, we should consider this as we study the candidates for that office. If the US elects another liberal President, militia units will pop up, seemingly overnight, sort of like mushrooms after a long wet spell. Adding urgency to their appearance is the fact that the US is already in a struggle with Islamic terrorists for its freedom even now.

I don’t believe this will come as a blinding light of epiphany to any of my readers, but I thought it was worthy of consideration, anyway!

J. D. Longstreet

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