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Michelle Obama to African Press: Bribes and "No Law Will Stop My Husband..."

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Michelle Obama - African Press Update 10/20/08

Michelle Obama and African Press Update

African Press International Speaks About Michelle Obama's Phone Call

Remember this: Disclaimer: This report is controversial. Is it true? API is standing behind it. Obama campaign says huh uh. So far, MO has not released her own statement.

The African Press International allegedly got under Michelle Obama's skin and she came out swinging - bribing, actually. She allegedly offered API an invite to the inauguration, in exchange for a "good" story about her husband:

African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” and she went to state that, “it is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a step father. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by His step father. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that My husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner; says Michelle Obama on telefon to API.
API asks this question:

Did Barack Obama have any part in the recent arrest of Jerome Corisi in Kenya - because Raila Odinga IS the Prime Minister there? Her answer, according to API, was not to dig that which will support "evil" people. When asked who was evil:
...many conservative white people and even some African Americans were against her husband, but that this group of blacks were simply doing so because of envy.

Read the entire story at African Press International.

Disclaimer: This report is controversial. Is it true? API is standing behind it. Obama campaign says huh uh. So far, MO has not released her own statement.

Here's API's update - and yes, I find it odd:


Verification of the story:
We have found it necessary to publish a telephone number that can be used to reach us should anyone doubt the story. We are doing this because of many requests by many people who want to know more abouth the story.

We are able to receive calls tomorrow the 16th of October through to the 18th October. We find it important that our readers get the truth and not be misled in any way. This is a true story and we stand by everyone written.

NB: For verification, we can be reached on 004793299739


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  1. I think this story is fake. Until we hear an audio recording, no one is going to believe it.

    People should review the facts of Obama’s record and past.