Thursday, September 11, 2008

While We Sleep

Frontpage Magazine published a very unsettling interview on Sept. 8th. According to Alec Rawls, the co-author, along with Tom Burnett, Sr., father of heroic flight 93 passenger Tom Burnett, Jr., of a new book, Crescent of Betrayal, argues that the "Crescent of Embrace" design for the Flight 93 memorial is actually a memorial to the terrorists. He has discovered that the crescent design, as laid out points directly to Mecca, and that various features of the design mark it distinctively as a gigantic mosque. View, for example, the "Tower of Voices" a 93 ft. tower with 40 bells representing the passengers and crew who lost their lives.
Does it not have that eerily familiar crescent shape? Do the forty bells represent 40 heroes or 40 sacrifices to Allah? Is this a tower or a minaret?

The overall design almost exactly matches the star and crescent symbol, as shown below. I don't know what the architect had in mind, but the co-authors of this book are convinced. They believe the memorial to actually be a covert tribute to the terrorists. Even were he completely innocent of such an accusation, creating a memorial that could in any way be so misconstrued, is at best horribly insensitive to the families of those who died. Go to their website to learn what you can do.

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