Friday, September 19, 2008

The Only Structure Standing for Miles

Photographs taken by a private helicopter pilot Monday reveal the unimaginable extent of damage in Galveston and on Bolivar Peninsula. Only one structure, a yellow house, was left standing for miles.

The photo of the yellow house was posted on the local iReport Blog and eventually the home owners were identified.

Pam and Warren Adams rebuilt their home in February 2006 after Hurricane Rita destroyed it the previous year. . .the couple hired a contractor to build a home that could withstand a Category 5 hurricane. Warren Adams watched over every step of the construction to make sure it was done correctly. . . .Pam and Warren have since learned that their house is one of the few in the area to survive the storm.

Discussion on the blog centered on finding the builder of that home, learning about the construction of the home from top to bottom, and the need to building codes for the entire coastal USA. “If people insist on rebuilding along the ocean shore and on barrier islands, then, at the minimum, let’s build something that has a chance to survive a hurricane.”

Before and after photos of the yellow house and the now empty extensive shoreline can be viewed here. Click on the smaller picture for an enlarged view.


  1. The problem is, if the entire area is condemned and the state decides to finally accept the fact that these homes were built in a bad area that's just going to be hit again, then these folks still won't be able to keep their house. It's also fairly unlikely the electric company is going to spend thousands of dollars to restore power to that area when there's only one house out there. These people basically have a really nice house in an uninhabitable area. This is the stuff that Texans should have known would happen after the fiasco in Louisiana.

  2. The photos are astonishing. How incredible that the homeowners decided to continue living in this location and rebuilt to withstand a category 4. Great example of being responsible for your decisions.

    Great report.


  3. It was magic that protected that home. Or the Hand of God. You pick.

  4. I saw the image on Fox, amazing.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth