Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama and the Undecided 'Bubba Vote'

Democrats haven’t won a majority of whites since 1964. The party leadership is worried that Obama can’t win if he doesn’t improve Democrats’ appeal to the white working class. Is the term “Bubba” helping or hurting Obama?

The “Bubba Vote,” a derogatory term that has replaced “Rednecks,” has come to mean rural, white, working class voters. Today these Bubbas are quite undecided and up for grabs.

Early in September former House majority leader Dick Armey, a Republican, made a statement in an interview with USA TODAY concerning these undecided white voters.

"The Bubba vote is there, and it's very real, and it is everywhere," Armey told USA TODAY and Gannett News Service. "There's an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man."

According to a recent AP-Yahoo News poll conducted Sept. 5-15, “18 percent of likely voters are up for grabs — undecided or willing to change their minds . . .” Many of the undecided are experiencing economic woes and consider the economy their top issue, and they are less intensely behind Obama than McCain.

Among these undecided voters, Democrats are much less intensely behind Obama than Republicans are behind McCain. Obama appears to have more people on the bubble, and many of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's former backers haven't fully committed, while McCain's backers are hard-core Republicans and excited by his running mate selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. . . .

A report recently completed by the Democratic Leadership Council argues that “it will be difficult for Obama to earn enough African American and youth support to compensate for enduring Democratic failures with white voters.”

Democrats have not won a majority of whites since 1964. Since 1980 though, Democrats have struggled to even remain competitive among whites, particularly men, and that has allowed Republicans to dominate the last quarter century of presidential politics. . . The report strongly suggests, however, that it will be difficult for the Obama campaign to win if he does not improve Democrats’ appeal to the white working class.

The questionable term, “Bubba voters,” seems to have caught on especially with Obama supporters and African-American columnists and bloggers.

An article Monday, Obama and 'the Bubba Vote', was posted in OpEDNews. It was written by Mumia Abu-Jamal (AKA: Wesley Cook) Former Black Panther Party activist, Abu-Jamal, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner.)

. . .If this Bubba vote has kept Obama from bouncing after a successful convention, McCain's Palin pick has compounded this problem.

For it demonstrates that all the hue and cry over 'experience' was but a smokescreen for something else. It shows us that all the clamor over 'qualifications; was naught but pretext.
For after all is said and done, for millions of Americans, Barack Obama's blackness has made him automatically ineligible for election.

That's not issues; that's not views, that's not politics; that's race. Period. . .

A poem in today’s Esquire by Lucilius rails against Bill Clinton’s lack of support for Obama.

. . .God roared, "If these two really are the tribunes of the people that they pretend to be, then I'm a steeple. They run as populists, and then they hobnob with the rich. I think it's called a game of bait and switch. He plays the Bubba, she pretends to outdrink the working stiffs. . . ." Though livid, Bill said, "We're above these tiffs. In Hillary's defense, though, we did not think to arrange her campaign to start with birth inside a manger. . ."

African-American Political Pundit believes that Armey may have intended to start “a political race riot in America.”

AAPP says: Here is a interesting story which I have been meaning to talk about. Check out the comments of Dick Armey and the "Bubba vote" and how the underlying racism in America will hurt Democrat Barack Obama in key battleground states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania. I guess this guy is trying to start a political race riot in America, blacks against wites. Check out the USA Today article in which Dick Armey has said, "The Bubba vote is there, and it's very real, and it is everywhere."

Clarence Page, Real Clear Politics, writes about Bubba in his article Obama vs.'Bubba' Vote

"The Bubba vote is there, and it's very real, and it is everywhere," former House Majority Leader Dick Armey recently said. "There's an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man." . . .

Nevertheless, as Armey said, race-based voting is "deplorable, but it is real." That's why, Obama has more reason than McCain to feel nervous about close polls.

In fact, if he fails to show at least a six-point advantage in the polls by Election Day, I expect John McCain to be our next president. . .

An article in the St. Joseph News by Alonzo Weston presents the dilemma of many African-American voters.

. . .Armey said the Bubba Vote is shorthand for “white, working class voters who often live in rural areas.” . . .
This whole debate makes me ask myself a question: If Jesse Jackson or Alan Keyes were running for president, would I vote for either of them only because they are black but at the expense of my own beliefs? I would like to think not. I share neither Jackson’s race-dividing views nor Keyes’ uber-conservative outlook, but at the same time I would hate to be the lone black guy voting against making history.
It would be a much easier question to answer if the score wasn’t already 43 white to zero black presidents. (And no, Bill Clinton is not black.) . . .

Other columnists in the Politico, Washington Independent, etc., have latched onto “Bubba”.

Referring to the former President, Bill Clinton, as Bubba in The Bubba-Obama Chill, Ari Melber opines that Bill Clinton is back to his “tepid tones this week.”

“It’s striking how one of the world’s great political salesman is acting as an analyst, and not a surrogate,” observed Politico’s Ben Smith after watching the segment, “and making no real effort to boost Obama.”

An article by Jim Shea, Raucous: Wall Street Blues, in (serving Hartford and Eastern Connecticut) links our current economic woes to Deep South Bubbas.

. . .From what I can gather, the Democrats want to prohibit the CEOs of the bailed-out companies from walking away with huge multimillion-dollar paydays.
I'm in favor of this, but with one minor addendum:
I think these guys should also do hard time. And when I say hard time, I don't mean federal country club hard time. I mean Deep South, chain gang, bubba-loving, "what-we-have-here-is-a-failure-to- communicate" hard time. . .


  1. I don't see how anybody could really be undecided at this point.

    I think there are a lot of people who will vote AGAINST Obama, but they won't say that out loud or they won't admit it in polls. If this is the case, it's good for McCain, but also says something about our country.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. The *Bubba* factor??

    I know Bubba, he's a good friend of mine and Bubba wouldn't vote for Obama if the MUTT was the only candidate in the race...

    But, Bubba has been accused of being a racist... Just sayin'... Ya know?? In the sense of a fair and balanced presentation... :)


  3. Bubba ain't racist ya hear. Bubba is a heap smarter than whut sum folk wan ta admit. Bubba is a rat gud judge uv karecter. You ain gonna fine bubba havin a cold un with terrist lak Ayers an he dang shure ain gonna be sittin in no churchhouse whar sum fool lak Obama's preacher wuz spoutin hate an blamin the US Gubermint fer tryin to kill black folk. Dang folk cut bubba some slac. He ain as dum as folk wuld lak to thank.
    Now fer them folk whut don seem to hav no idear bout Bubba this hear orta bout clear dat mudhole up.

  4. If Black commentators are going to call White people Bubbas and call it the Bubba vote, can we then refer to black people as N----rs and call it the N----r vote?

  5. lol @ Fred...ah yes..I cant stomach another moment of Hussein !

  6. Findalis, we CAN, but if we do WE will be called racists...

    That double standard is hard to get around...

  7. When will white people be finally able to stop worrying about being called “racists” by a bunch of America-hating Marxists and racists? Because of America’s history with slavery and real racism in the past no one should ever advocate the use of the N-word. I would suggest, however, that White people need to start being proactive in publically protesting racial slurs and stereotypes such as “Bubba.”

  8. Maybe we need a Bubba Blog Ring.

    These people are so confused. They can't possibly imagine anyone ever not voting for them unless the reason behind it makes them a victim.

  9. Findalis said...
    If Black commentators are going to call White people Bubbas and call it the Bubba vote, can we then refer to black people as N----rs and call it the N----r vote?

    Cause you see Findalis thar ere Black N----- and White N------ an in the end thar ain't nary bit uv difeance.

    And as a very wise Black Baptist Preacher once told me during the Detroit riots, It's those N------ what gonna mess up the world for all of us.

  10. I guess I must be a 'bubba' since I'm voting for McCain/Palin. This latest tactic must be a holdover from the liberals last attempt when opposing the 'religious right' in previous elections. I must be from a small town clutching my bible and gun like a good 'bubba' voting against a black man. what a load of crap.

    The truth is I'm voting for someone for whom I have more trust than for someone I do not based on available information that has been largely suppressed by MSM and the Messiah's campaign.

    Why am I saying this, everyone knows the Obama house of cards will fall. I would just like it to be outside the White House, not in it.

  11. Paul, Yes a Bubba Blogroll would be great. Texas Fred, do you want to start one?

  12. This is a video you should see if you want to understand what caused this crisis...pass it on and post it everywhere!

    Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

  13. It's not just the "Bubba vote" the Dem's need to worry about. It's anyone one with half a brain who takes twenty minutes to research Ogloriousbama on the internet to see the full extent of the crap he's been floating as "policy" and "experience" and "patriotism." It's the people who are willing to wade through the verbal barrage of uhs and uhms to see the depth of his blatant disgust for the principles many Americans still hold dear to heart. You know, like honesty, simple hard work, individualism and no free rides.

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    If all the blog roll members would consider a small donation to help cover the cost of the pics host, it might could happen...

    Photobucket cut my FREE acct a while back, and now I have to pay, and it ain't cheap...