Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did Obama Hear an Order from God to Launch Faith Merchandise?

Two seemingly unrelated stories today paint a troubling picture of Obama’s desire to mix religion and politics. Obama admitted to Charles Gibson that he hears God’s voice, and now Obama is launching faith merchandise.

According an article by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal, Obama told Charlie Gibson during a January interview, that he hears the voice of God,. Obama said, “ . . .sometimes you hear it strongly and sometimes that voice is more muted.”

On Friday, we noted that ABC News had engaged in some sleight-of-hand to conceal Charlie Gibson's misrepresentation of a Sarah Palin quote. On Saturday Jacques Steinberg, a reporter for the New York Times, noted it too:

The questions some respondents took issue with included Mr. Gibson's reference to a recent church speech, in which he quoted Ms. Palin as saying, "Our national leaders are sending U.S. soldiers on a task that is from God." In an excerpt of the speech on YouTube--which ABC spliced into the interview when it was shown--Ms. Palin had prefaced that comment by appearing to say she was praying that America's mission in Iraq represented God's will. . .

By the way, an alert reader spotted this exchange from Barack Obama's January interview with Beliefnet.com:

Q: Is it difficult in the rough and tumble of campaign politics to stick to that, to live out your faith? And can you talk about whether you have a favorite prayer or what you pray about?

Obama: The prayer that I tell myself every night is a fairly simple one: I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that my sins are forgiven, that my family is protected and that I am an instrument of God's will. I'm constantly trying to align myself to what I think he calls on me to do. And sometimes you hear it strongly and sometimes that voice is more muted.

Obama, like Palin, prays that he is on God's side. Palin, unlike Obama, does not (so far as we know) claim to hear the voice of God. Why is she the one who gets painted as a religious nut?

According to CNN Politics.com, the official Obama campaign is preparing to roll out a new line of faith merchandise aimed at capturing all Christians but especially Roman Catholics.

Check out the Believers for Barack, Pro-Family Pro-Obama, and Catholics for Obama buttons, bumper stickers and signs….” says Obama Deputy Director of Religious Affairs Paul Monteiro in an e-mail obtained by the Beliefnet Web site. . .
Beliefnet reported that "Clergy for Change" and "Pro-Israel Pro-Obama" merchandise will soon be offered.


  1. I presume God is going to put His support for Obama in writing.

    He could be hearing over and over Wright's words; G... America or Jesus saying; Don't do like me. See what happened to me. Lie, lie.

    It's not that easy to capture Roman Catholics with third-term abortion, to say nothing of abortion.


  2. Obama gave it away: "The prayer that I tell MYSELF every night..." Most people pray to God, not themselves! Oh that's right, he's the Messiah...

  3. I work for Senator Cornyn and would enjoy talking more over e-mail if you could shoot me one at vincent@johncornyn.com when you get the chance.


  4. Let me call your attention to what occurred immediately following Obama's religious experience at the Wall. There was no doubt that whatever Obama wrote would hit the press. Knowing this, I believe Obama wrote his prayer not to God, but for the media.

    The very next stop for Obama was Germany. There is also no doubt he expected his speech to win the favor of the world, and from all the media reports, he should have. But instead, at that precise time, Obama became a world-wide joke.

    One cannot mock God, especially before the whole world. I'd think Obama would have learned his lesson. I almost feel sorry for him if he's foolish enough to use God to gain personal glory again.

  5. ha what a joke this Messiah truly is girl!!

  6. It is a shame that the Messiah Complex has gone to Barry's head. For his next stunt he will be at Lake Michigan walking across it.

  7. I believe this was posted by Dr.Bill over on CALH and I don't think he will object if I post it over here. I liked it so well I have posted it on several blogs and of course given the credit to Dr. Bill.

    One should ask Obama, How do you know the voice you here is God.
    Does the voice lead him to repentance and sanctification or to self
    indulgence or self righteousness. While Obama, like many others, is
    double minded, God is not double minded. Obama sees killing a baby
    both in the womb, during the birth process or even killing a baby
    born alive after an abortion as okay. But God knows us before we
    were even formed in the womb.

    This and many more statements by Obama lead me to believe like a
    majority of practicing Evangelicals and Catholics, that the voice
    heard by Obama is not God but either his own self-will or voice of

    I can't add anything but an Amen to these words. Thank You Dr. Bill!