Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Told You So, Again

Zogby reports that Bob Barr is sapping critical conservative and other independent voters away from John McCain, who now trails Obama in national polls by 6 percentage points (44% favor Obama, 38% favor McCain). That 6% is the exact level of national support going to Barr, according to Zogby. Of course, a lot could change between now and November, and Barr will probably not get that large a percentage when people actually vote, but it still represents a huge threat to McCain, both in terms of impacting his fundraising ability as well as elevating the hurdles he must jump to win in November.

If Democrats sweep this election, as many are predicting, it will spell the end of our constitutional republic as we know it, and precipitate an economic collapse the likes of which we as a nation have never before experienced. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that the Democrats fail in their efforts. No matter how disenchanted you are with the current crop of Republicans, they are the only political organization standing between us and utter disaster.


  1. It is simple: McCain needs to pick a libertarian Republican like Sanford or Palin for his VP and then go 24/7 about individual rights. Like Barr, he needs to apologize for past votes and say he has "seen the light". People might forgive him...provided he puts forth votes in the Senate to repeal a few unconstitutional laws like IMBRA, VAWA and FISA and McCain/Feingold and...and...and.

    But McCain ain't even thinking about saving himself yet. He will probably pick a socon VP like the grandstander Jindal as a way of telling libertarian Republicans to go jump in the lake.

    Which should go to show you that McCain, who is buddies with Clinton in the Senate, is probably just fine with being a placeholder this year as the powers that be have tapped Obama for the next 8 years.

    McCain wants America to move more left. What better way to serve his cause than to be the placeholder in a loss to Obama.

  2. In any event, even if you thought that McCain was only ridiculing Ron Paul for his anti-war stance and other unrealistic extremist stances...it should be clear by now that McCain really disrespects regular libertarians.

    Or it will be clear if he picks a VP that libertarians cannot trust.

    The ball really is in McCain's court now.

    Barr is blackmailing him...or better said, we the people are blackmailing McCain.

  3. I don’t for one moment believe that McCain is actually trailing Obama by 6% percentage points. Check out the McCain vs. Obama map to your right. I also don’t buy into the Democratic spin that Obama is going to “sweep” the election. Those that perpetuate this spin are most likely disgruntled Libertarians and not true conservatives! As for Bob Barr, he looks like a cross between a Weasle and a Ferrett.

  4. If we had a REAL Conservative and not a worn out wannabe libber RINO Obama would already be in the dirt..

  5. People stopped buying this B.S. long time aho. Republicans were a disaster to the economy-among many things- in the past 8 years. Enough is enough.

  6. The hallmark of conservatism is NOT just less government, but the ability to weigh and assess all sides of an issue before jumping like a mindless Lemmings into an emotional ocean. Additionally, the ability to compromise is a long-held conservative value.

    Now the left has their Obamassiah and no matter how forked his tongue happens to be, they will lie down at his feet. In the mean time we’ve got some Republicans and most Libertarians yammering about who is more conservative. They are looking for the PERFECT conservative Messiah.

    In the mean time the devil incarnate is likely to steal the show not just for one of two terms of office but for generations to come. Can you spell Supreme Court???

    There are no conservative Messiahs out there. There are no perfect conservative candidates. It’s time to suck it up, grow up, and learn to compromise.

    As far as I’m concerned there is no contest here. If we don’t vote for McCain we will all get Obama.

  7. Every vote for Barr is a vote for Obama. Make no mistake about that.