Tuesday, July 01, 2008

So Much to Talk About!

Well, I've been out of things for awhile and even though it is old news by now, I felt duty bound to make some concluding remarks about the campaign of Hillary "Rotten" Clinton. Also the Second Amendment decision. What a breath of fresh air. What can I say? Two shockers in one month! Be still my quivering heart!

1. Hillary Resigns. I still truly think this is amazing. As anyone who reads my column knows, I was certain she was the anointed. Wrong! But as I also said, I prayed every night to be wrong. Perhaps my prayers were answered?

Despite that surprise, what followed was no surprise. Hillary Clinton ended her bid for the presidency by breaking her word. After repeatedly claiming she would “never abandon the race” despite mounting evidence that she could not win, Hillary did just that. No doubt her earlier proclamations were to deter donors from abandoning her like so many rats from a sinking ship, especially considering she was $20 plus million in the hole. But she got deliverance anyway by negotiating with Obama to have his campaign help retire that debt as part of her agreement to step down. Talk about protection money! Is this even legal? Where is John McCain on that one? No matter! She’s a Democrat, so they’ll manage to spin it in her favor. Just like those cattle futures…

She won’t have to dig into that ill-gotten $100 million honey pot after all. Ah, the Clintons, always looking out for us small folk. A true communist: committed to equality – for everyone else – while she continues to live high off the hog.

Do you know that similar statements got Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov killed (not that I’m worried)? After defecting to Britain he worked for Radio Free Europe and regularly reported on Bulgarian affairs, especially the hypocritically lavish, decadent lifestyle of its leader, Todor Zhivkov and the communist party’s upper echelons. Markov’s famous death by umbrella soon followed. Guess those commies really don’t like the truth revealed about them. Kind of like… Democrats!

Anyway, in bowing out, Hillary made a big deal about her “historic” campaign. “You can be proud that from now on…” she says, “...it will be unremarkable to think that a woman can be the president of the United States.” This is such typical Clinton conceit. The only thing remarkable about the concept of a woman being president of the United States, Hillary, is that anyone would consider you.

Hillary, have you ever heard of Indira Gandhi? Golda Meir? How about Margaret Thatcher? That glass ceiling was broken decades ago, or if you consider monarchs as legitimate national leaders, history is replete with female heads of state, most of whom have demonstrated much more courage, intelligence, tact, integrity and grasp of policy than you could even imagine. Americans have been ready to consider a “woman president” for quite a while. They don’t care that much about the sex issue. What We the People just want is a competent, principled leader. And in that regard, Hillary, you frankly never fit the bill.

The only thing that has allowed Hillary and her rank husband the successes they have enjoyed up to now, has been a toadying, politically sympathetic press. And now that the press has found someone else they would rather toady, she has been unceremoniously dumped; demonstrable proof that her only true qualification all along has been press support.

The media “moved on.” They’ve found a new messiah – still driven by the same race/gender politics, of course, but the common thread throughout remains radical leftism. Female; black? What’s the difference? Gandhi, Meir and Thatcher don’t count, any more than other “minority” success stories like Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice ever did, because they are not leftists.

2. The Second Amendment Decision – An Individual Right! Talk about restating the obvious. Still it was a fantastic victory for the United States of America and a resounding defeat for the Left, the Democrats, and all our other enemies, foreign and domestic. Our individual right to keep and bear arms has been irrefutably pronounced.

Still, this won’t prevent the idiots from attempting to manipulate the ruling in their favor. What do you expect from Democrats? In fact, the day of the decision, gun control groups were all over the news, attempting to spin it as a victory for them, in that now the court had made it clear that some “reasonable restrictions” are permissible. According to the gun control crowd, any restriction on guns is reasonable. So despite their having been finally and irrevocably trounced in this decision, we will still have to pony up scads to the NRA, GOA and others to continue our fight for a right which should be ours by default.

While I do ardently rejoice these events with all other loyal Americans, I cannot help but reflect what they say about the state of our Republic.

The fact that we have to rejoice in the defeat of a blatantly self-serving, self-promoting, vicious, corrupt and pathologically dishonest politician, is in-and-of-itself discouraging. She should be in jail. Instead she just returns to the Senate, to continue promoting destructive policy while enriching herself at our expense.

The fact that we have to rejoice about the highest court in the land finally acknowledging – by the slimmest margin – a right that is ours by birth, and one that may ultimately spell the difference between democracy and tyranny, should be cause for the gravest concern.

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