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PATIENT EVIL - An R.J. Godlewski / Right Truth Blog Exclusive - Chapter Twenty-Three

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An R.J. Godlewski and Right Truth Blog Exclusive eBook


Chapter Twenty-Three

July 20xx

Bagerovo Air Base

West of Kerch, Ukraine

The orange-red sun shone lazily upon the checkered concrete of the former Soviet Air Base, highlighting the clumps of sage-colored grass and competing weeds that broke through the disjointed sections. The long, barren runway, once designed for subsequent use by the returning Russian Buran Space Shuttle, appeared to be just another reminder of communistic failures of the past. The entire airport sat in ruins, neglected by time and master; long forgotten by opportunity and fortune. A few Western industrialists had eyed the airfield as it sat near some of the Black Sea’s most underappreciated white sand beaches, but none seemed to grant the region any future beyond that which rested solely upon crumpled documents and colorful Post-It® Notes discarded within distant development offices. At least this was what the outside world thought.

The approaching MC-130P Combat Shadow dropped out of the sky quickly, rapidly lowering its altitude much to the discomfort of those aboard the large four-engine turboprop aircraft. Its black tires kissed the pavement with a sharp screech amidst a plume of bluish-white smoke as the thundering propeller blades retracted in pitch to aid in slowing down the monstrous speeding bird. The runway itself was sufficiently long to permit even the largest aircraft to slow without any mechanical aid whatsoever but the crew needed to divert the airplane towards the disused hanger that sat beckoning in the distance like a vagrant worker desperately seeking employment. The abandoned, cream-colored steel structure wasn’t the only reason that the crew needed to vacate the runway quickly. (Continue Reading here)

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