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Infidel? My Ass! - An Independent Crusade Against Islam (Right Truth Exclusive)

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Infidel? My Ass!

An Independent Crusade Against Islam
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I am on a crusade. Certainly a taboo word nowadays, but one that is historically accurate just the same. My 1966-era (read that, pre-politically correct) dictionary defines the noun in one of two ways: 1.) [cap.] One of a series of military expeditions undertaken by Christians in the Middle Ages for the recovery of the Holy Land from the Mohammedans. 2. Any zealous undertaking against evil. If you ignore the fact that I do not live within the Middle Ages (although I still am considered to be a middle-aged person  ) then both definitions could fit the bill in reference to me. In fact, I would have been proud to be counted amongst the Crusaders.

Admittedly, I am not a very popular person and I accept that fact. Popularity speaks of compromise and political pandering. I am me; nothing more, nothing less. As a proud and lifelong Roman Catholic, I do not subscribe to the beliefs of Islam (though it, in many ways, subscribes to both Catholic and Judaic teachings). Any consideration that I henceforth grant to Muslims is therefore based upon my Catholicism and not that I overly respect their religious practices. That is, if I show some semblance to compassion and respect for Muslims, it is because I am a Christian not that they are Muslims. I treat all people the same – I judge them (inasmuch as we frail humans could ever hope to judge) by their actions and not who or what they are. Simply put; mess with me or mine and I’ll mess with you. Fair enough? (continue reading at Right Truth)

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