Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daily Kos Loons Driven to Drink

. . .after talking politics with Republicans. At least that’s what the Daily Kos poll shows so far.

Should conservatives be interested in the Daily Kos strategy to win Republican voters over to Obama?

Read How to Market Obama to Your Republican Friends

This article is filled with interesting (and sometimes rational) talking points and it cautions DK members against “Bush Bashing.” Don’t miss the interesting tips in the comments section.

Here’s a sample:

· I would first listen to Repub friends about what they think is important. I also usually start by apologizing for defending the Clintons for all these years. I have found in the course of this campaign, that the Repubs, not Dems were most correct about Clinton's character.

How many "Reub" friends do you imagine DK loons actually have? Regarding Bill Clinton, the lefty’s knew it all along but didn’t care a hoot about character then and they still don’t care!

Wow news flash! There ARE rational Republicans . . .

There ARE rational republicans, we do (as the public at large) agree on many core values that the author highlights.

I've been plotting against my father now since the beginning of the primary, and I'm slowly doing exactly what you're talking about. Calmly, KINDLY, pointing out Obama's transparency, judgement, merits, etc.

JUST REMEMBER. We've got until November, so make short and long term goals, pick 1 or 10 rational republicans (they really are out there, it's just nobody liberal has bothered with them for a long time), and plant that little seed, and nourish it, and who knows? :)

Obama’s transparency – the hollow man – easy for conservatives to see right through.

Obama’s judgement – 20+ years at the feet of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s merits – He wants to talk to all of our enemies without any preconditions.

As for the far left’s penchant to constantly turn in on itself and knife its former stars, please note that it’s no longer OK for the left to bash Bush but it's just fine to bash Hillary!

This really needs to be read by everyone here. I visit non political blogs and message boards. Especially USENET. It may seem useless to get into a discussion (especially online) with a Republican. But I do it because of the lurkers. If no one addresses these things then lurkers will never know the truth.

What is useless is to go onto Repub boards and convince them to vote for Obama. For example, I wouldn't waste my time going to Redstate and tout Obama there.

The Clintons are corrupt selfish race baiting zero character scumbags. I'd rather be run over by a tractor-trailer than willfully vote for any Clinton again.

Ok, so lurkers should be added to the list of loony ObaMassiah followers.

I love this one, below, the best! They just can’t stop promoting class warfare!

You want their actual VOTE, not their nodding agreement on some arcane philosophical issue."

For now.

Otherwise, a fine and useful diary. Rec'ed, tipped, and saved under favorites.

(Would you still consider yourself a fiscal/economic conservative, if I may ask?)

"The way to win a Presidential race against the Republicans is to develop the class warfare issue..." Lee Atwater, Bush `88 campaign manager.

While you are at it, take the Daily Kos poll: But I cant sell Obama to my Republican friends; just talking politics with them makes me feel I need to ....

So far it’s heartening to know that Republicans are driving them to drink!!!

By the way, since Obama and his supporters are so concerned about the use of his middle name, why on earth are we using it when we refer to him by the initials: BHO???

No, for the sake of courtesy, civility, and a conservative desire not to inflict painful associations on any presidential contender, it should be BO!!!

Stinky BO it is!!! And there’s plenty of it on the DK site too!

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  1. RCP - I never go to these places. I need to.

    I love this: Obama’s transparency – the hollow man – easy for conservatives to see right through.

    I don't believe this guy is a former GOP activist. His statement: "In general, Republican voters dont have the same priorities as Democrats." - What an understatement!

    I took the poll:-)

    I will say in this author's defense, if there could be a chance that a true Conservative could ever vote for Obama (no chance here), the author does a good job. Problem is...not gonna happen.

    This an enlightening post.Thanks.

    Maggie's Notebook

  2. Thanks Maggie. I actually found it by reading comments on Republicans for Obama (sure . . .If anyone buys that I’ve got some great values in swampland). I think some of their DK tips are useful to us as well.

  3. Transparent?? So thin it hurts...

    And some of the Dems are even seeing thru him now, maybe there IS hope yet..

  4. Fred I hope you are right! Most of the heavy BO sniffers have been gassed by a mass hypnosis element that eventually dissipates. Quite a few will be left permanently disillusioned but many will recover their sanity.

  5. We should remember Howard Dean's words when they try to reach out to us:

    "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for," he said in 2005. Republicans, he also said back then, are "pretty much a white, Christian party."

  6. Thanks Fred. I just went there and left a comment:

    I think the majority of folks believe that Obama is NOW a Christian, while also recognizing that “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright’s brand of Afro-centric –anti-White “Christianity” is anything but true Christianity.

    Additionally, I believe that most Americans understand that if a child was raised in a Muslim family and made to go to Islamic schools etc., that doesn’t mean that today that person is still a Muslim as an adult. What the majority of Americans DON’T UNDERSTAND is why Barack Hussein Obama still denies all!!! The facts are out there including interviews with his former teachers and classmates. There are none so blind as those that do not wish to see!

  7. "By the way, since Obama and his supporters are so concerned about the use of his middle name, why on earth are we using it when we refer to him by the initials: BHO?"


    "BHO" still means "browser helper object" to me...

    So, I don't shorten Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey's (Spiritual Son of that Ole Debil Wright) name at all... *LOL*

    The fact that reasonable people can see through Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey's empty B.S. is a concern to me. As Adlai Stephenson once said, when told by a supporter that all the "thinking people" were on his side,

    "That's not enough, madam, we need a majority!"


    What rational people need is a way to reach the irratioal "reality-based FANTASY" crowd in a way that will allow them to vote rationally, even of for their usual irrational, unthinking, stupid reasons.


  8. *sigh* I really need to learn how to spell Adlai SteVenson's name. I do it the same way over and over again. Oh. Well. Maybe I'm not one of the "thinking people" who'd support such a candidate, eh?


  9. A person's religion should have nothing to do with his or her attractiveness as a candidate. It makes no difference to me whatsoever if Obama is a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Jew or a Mormon (not that those are the only cool options in a wonderously diverse world). Thankfully, I live in a secular democracy where there is no religious test for office, so I'm happy to celebrate, along with my fellow freedom-lovers, the beautiful diversity of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

  10. Anonymous said...
    A person's religion should have nothing to do with his or her attractiveness as a candidate.
    When that candidate is a STEALTH Muzzie, I have to disagree...

    We have more than enough Islamic enemies without electing one to the Oval Office...

  11. I was over at the Obama YouTube sight today and watched the short speech Michelle gave in PR 12 May.
    She said we're going oto have to change our traditions, change our history.
    I looked down at the comments and the main point of discussion was what a pretty dress she had on and how Obama was going to save the country

    its frightening....

  12. The targets of the KOS Kidz affections are the Republicans who so far have voted for McCain. They recognize kindred spirits that with a nudge could be centrist Democrats. The GOP does not have an equivalent to the Yellow Dog Democrat. We have people who want to do the right thing but are too lazy to educate themselves about the candidates. So they depend on the MSM (print and broadcast) for last second information. McCain has been the media darling so he still gets an occasional favorable nod. McCain and his McCainiacs represent the soft squishy under-belly of the GOP and that is where the Democrats will pick up any possible votes for Moebama. The rest is just Operation Chaos still playing out.