Thursday, January 03, 2008

Will Iowa Conservatives Pick a True Leader???

According to yesterday’s Zogby Iowa tracking Arizona Sen. John McCain remained in third place at 12%, tied with former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who has seen a late-breaking surge.

But will the MSM (including the so-called “fair and balanced” Fox) be successful in their campaign to ice out Fred Thompson from the race? Is Thompson going to drop out of the race after the Iowa caucus and then back McCain? Or, is the recent Thompson surge for real?

I’ve read quite a bit lately that Iowans are pretty savvy folks. If that’s the case, we will see if they let the media drive them away from the one candidate that represents everything America wants and needs in a conservative candidate!

Here are some of the most recent insights on the Thompson race:

According to The Wall Street Journal “ . . .Now, the would-be savior of the conservative coalition can barely get coverage from the Des Moines Register. . . Mr. Thompson might still have a chance with is Iowa farmer Kathy Krafka Harkema. "I'm not looking for a politician, but a true leader," says Ms. Harkema, a 47-year-old from Montezuma, Iowa, who stood shivering in an orange parka on a sidewalk in front of the local newspaper office, waiting for Mr. Thompson to emerge during a recent visit. . ."

Hot Air wrote: " . . .He’s still only polling at 12% and is tied with McCain, who has the advantage of receiving a ton of good press lately. . ."

According to Politico Fred Thompson may drop out “ . . .If Thompson exits, he's expected to endorse John McCain. . . .”

deadlineUSA questions Fred’s fire , "Fred Thompson made only one campaign appearance New Years Day."

From Captain’s Quarters :
“ . . .And the biggest shame of that is that Thompson could still be the unity candidate. Given his track record on federalism, Thompson offered the complete conservative package -- smaller government, lower taxes and spending, pro-life, hard as nails on terrorism and only slightly less so on immigration, and the ability to charge life into the Reagan alliance that supports these ideals . . .”

According to Wake up America:
“ . . .Back to the Washington Times article regarding Thompson, this year on illegal immigration, they say:

This year, however, Mr. Thompson has put forward the most comprehensive plan of any major candidate for securing the border and cracking down on illegal immigration. It includes plans to target smugglers and gangs, to cut off discretionary federal grants to sanctuary cities and to deny federal education grants to states that provide in-state tuition in violation of federal law. Mr. Thompson's goal is to force illegals to leave the country by removing the employment magnet and increasing the chances of being arrested and deported. . .”

samizdata thinks that Fred just might be too sane to be president:

“ . . .What the media, including Fox News (the only non-leftist news station and, therefore, of vital importance in the Republican nomination process), are saying is that Fred Thompson is too sane to be President. It is not enough to produce detailed policies for dealing with the entitlement program Welfare State (a cancer that is destroying the United States and the rest of the Western World), or producing a new optional flat tax (individuals could continue to use the existing system if they wished to) to deal with the nightmare of complexity that the income tax has become.

It is not even enough to have a long record of service, going back to Watergate and taking down a corrupt Governor of Tennessee in the 1970's. And having one of the most Conservative voting records in the United States Senate - before leaving it in disgust at how the system did not allow real reform.

No - someone has to enjoy the prospect for office for its own sake, not to reduce the size and scope of government and restore a Federal Republic. One must enjoy the whole process of politics - i.e. be crazy. Or one must pretend to enjoy it - i.e. be a liar.

And then people complain that politicians are either crazy or corrupt. When they shoo away anyone who comes along who is neither crazy or corrupt.”

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  1. The media is really doing a job on Fred. Shame on them. He seems to be moving up in polls this morning. I'm still behind him.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. I'm still behind him too. Here's something Miss Beth wrote in her blog:

    Last night's quote from Fred to KCCI news last night: “Fred was asked about what events would take place if he finishes 3rd or last, and if it is true he will endorse McCain. His answer, “Total fabrication, he never said it either privately or publicly, and it was planted by some other campaign” Then he joked with the anchors about imagine that happening in politics!

  3. I would like to see Fred hop on board McCain's campaign and influence a stronger approach to immigration with a path to citizenship for some but not all.

  4. mhusband, thanks for your comments. Let's not jump too soon. Fred has plenty of time to hop to McCain if that's what's in the cards.

  5. The chasm between the 'establishment' mainstream media and what we used to call 'reality' is simply astonishing. And the ARROGANCE. They're so sure that they know what's best for all of us. Read about the death of free speech in Canada at the top of

  6. Using the terms "Leader" and "Thompson" together is a contradiction in terms. A leader in a presidential contest gets out there and works his little hiney to the bone. And Thompson barely has enough energy to get off the couch. Now, don't get me wrong--I like the guy and what he stands for. But to be a president, people have got to see some ENTHUSIASM!

  7. It's been more than a little obvious that the conventional media doesn't want Fred in this campaign. I don't get how McCain placing fourth and Fred placing third is any sort of surge considering that neither really campaigned in Iowa. Before the caucuses were even over, the local media, including Fox, were saying how he was going to drop out, etc. Now I do think if he doesn't have some momentum by South Carolina, that could be the case, but I also see this being a heavily brokered convention and the possibility of Fred being the concession candidate is always there. What drives me nuts is the way that Iowa and New Hampshire matter so much, when other more populous and diverse states are down the road. It's as if they don't want to have to deal with California and Texas because it would just take too much work. This is too long a campaign and long campaigns dredge up dirt. I expect some nasty bombshell to be lobbed by the Clinton and the Romney campaigns any moment. But then I have blogged my woes on my own blog.

  8. Rockyspoon. So you’ve taken the media bait hook, line, and sinker. Wake up. The lefty media doesn’t want Thompson. Fox doesn’t want Fred either – why? Can you spell $$$??? The media is inebriated over the estimated $50 million spent on advertising in Iowa alone. Who do you think spent most of that money??? Not Fred. If you think he’s so lazy why not visit his web page. Do you realize he’s the only candidate with enough smarts and guts to tackle the Social Security problem with a real in-depth plan. Go read it!

  9. Hey, Faultline... maybe it's Thompson that's been taking sleepaids--I don't see Thompson working as hard as ANY of the candidates. And when he does speak, he puts me to sleep and often doesn't make sense. Now, is that some concoction of the media? NO! So you wake up and quit blaming Thompson's poor performance on the media, or some other excuse. So PUHLEEZZ... don't pander to me with Thompson's "smarts"... that he is NOT!

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  11. Rockyspoon
    I’m not “pandering” to you darling. I assume that you came to this blog of your own free will and that you left your comments of your own free will. You’ve said your piece, for all it’s worth. Now why don’t you just move along back to the media you so fondly defend.