Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Illegal Aliens From Outer Space in Texas

By now the world knows that quite a few residents of Stephenville, Texas and surrounding areas witnessed UFO(s) last Tuesday evening. Among the very credible witnesses were a Constable, a former Air Force navigation specialist, and an experienced pilot.

The silent (and mostly invisible) UFO was said to be ½ mile wide and at least a mile long traveling from a slow 50 MPH to an accelerated 3,000 MPH. Unusually bright multicolored lights were visible in varying descriptions. The government denies that this was a UFO incident. The military denies that any military flights were in the area. The Mutual UFO Network will conduct interviews of the residents on Saturday.

Here’s why I believe that this incident was an incursion of illegal aliens from outer space and not U.S. military high-tech black project flying objects.

Consider the state of our economy and the price of oil now surging past $100 a barrel. Here we have President Bush visiting the Mid East this week and unsuccessfully trying to convince the Saudi King Abdullah or OPEC to lower the price of oil.

Imagine how it would go if we had this UFO technology.

Bush: I’m sorry to hear that King Abdullah. Let me show you something. Just keep your eyes on the sky.

Abdullah: OMA! What the *&# is that???

Bush: Oh, and by the way, these babies don’t even run on gas! Get my point now???

Follow the story at Stephenville Empire-Tribune UFO Archives

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  1. Laughing my proverbial ass off here. Good piece...voted.

  2. Nice. I wonder if we could use the technology in reverse?

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. There is just something about Texas that pushes people off the deep end into the pool of insanity. And, this isn't the first time in the last 7 years we've noticed that about Texas.

  4. Looks like Mark in Irvine might be a bit jealous. Sadly for Mark, California’s illegal aliens don’t just suddenly disappear. And the rest of the state is populated by UFO’s (Unfortunate Freeky Objects). Haven't you ever heard "Don't Mess With Texas!"?