Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Spirit of Christmas and Religious Bigotry

The thing that makes the left so insidious is that hidden among a multitude of untruths and bits of twisted logic are a few kernels of truth. Sometimes those truths are very hard to take – especially if we happen to be Christians and political conservatives.

*For example, here’s a quote from Alternate Brain (a lefty site) at http://alterx(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2007/12/gop-religious-bigotry(dot)html (Note: to access this blog replace each (dot) with a period.)

*“Troutfishing at Daily Kos http://www(dot)dailykos(dot)com/storyonly/2007/12/11/65317/058/485/420555 (Note: to access this blog replace each (dot) with a period.)

They just can't help themselves, can they ? The Christmas spirit and religious bigotry, both eternal, are forever at odds but today's religious right dominated Republican Party seems to have gotten one confused for the other. That's not surprising, however, because the religious right of their day, the Puritans, started the Christian war on Christmas to advance the Puritan values of stinginess and religious bigotry, and the contemporary American GOP is sliding right back into that traditional groove. Somebody better call Bill O'Reilly - the war on Christmas has spread to the GOP. Or, maybe it started there. . . .”

Do you agree that Troutfishing might have a misguided point or two? I do.

Frankly, I’ve just about had it with the feeding frenzy over the religious differences among our presidential candidates! I will tell you right here and now that if I don’t vote for Romney it won’t be because he is a Mormon. And if I don’t vote for Huckabee it won’t be because he’s a Baptist.

The religious arguments I’ve heard leveled against Romney’s religion are the same type of arguments that were leveled against the Roman Catholic candidate, John Kennedy. It’s a very slippery and very dangerous slope.

I watched all the “Christmas” season videos by all the candidates. It’s a sad state of affairs that so much negativity was made of Huckabee’s Christmas greeting. Just a few years ago nothing would have been thought of it. Honestly, from my point of view, Obama’s greeting was the smartest. He didn’t say “Christmas,” but he made sure that his child did. Good grief, Obama was the only candidate with the common sense to put his family in his greeting – a greeting meant to please and unite all Americans.

Now, I’m no Obama fan, but he is smart! And Republicans had better smarten up fast!

When I do vote for the candidate of my choice it will be because I believe that individual has: (1) personal integrity, (2) the ability and experience to lead this great nation, (3) an obvious desire to uphold America’s unique cultural heritage and sovereignty, and (4) the personal will to protect and defend our American constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The freedom to practice the religion of one’s own choice is protected by the Constitution. That’s what makes America great. It’s also what makes America ultimately vulnerable to subversion from within.

America has a multitude of religions and sects. Most are harmless enough and fit well within America’s multi-religious landscape. Others are questionable. What happens if any religion is inimical to America’s root cultural values and to our very constitution? Apparently our founding fathers didn’t have the foresight to envision such a time in our history.( See Why America Must Define Religion

There should be no room for religious bigotry in a national election. But of course there is. This entire rancor over religion is because we are living in a time of tyranny by the few against the will of the majority. Somehow America must find a way to protect the rights of the few without allowing the few to dictate wide cultural changes to the majority of Americans.

Obviously all Americans have the right to question their candidates about personal values born of their various religious backgrounds. But Americans don’t have the right to destroy an individual, or whole groups of people, because of differing personal faiths.

Now it is true that the great majority of Americans are Christians and our Judeo-Christian values gave birth to this great nation. The left can deny it all they want but it is a fact. Traditional Christians do tend to believe that they are the standard bearers of America’s traditional cultural values – values that we are in great jeopardy of losing. So it’s easy to see how some very zealous Christians fall into the trap of evil demagoguery – the same bigotry that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany. This is what the left fears from the right and rightly so!!!

We Americans are asking our presidential candidates to share their religious backgrounds with us so that we can determine the extent to which that religion supports or hinders their ability to lead all Americans regardless of our differing faith perspectives. What we are asking of our candidates we must ask of ourselves. Does our faith support our ability to safeguard the freedoms of those Americans who don’t share our particular faith perspective?

Christians, let’s stop for a few days this Christmas season to pray and to ponder the meaning of Luke 2:14.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”
*Note: The leftist atheist at Alternate Brain objected to the free hyperlink I gave to his blog (see comments). Obviously, not all atheists are extremely bright. At any rate, as my Christmas gift to him and to Troutfishing, I have removed the free stat-building links to their leftist blogs quoted in this article.

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  1. Excellent article. A point that needs to be made - and read - by both "sides.

  2. Thanks LizG and I hope it will be read on both sides. Christmas brings us the best chance!

  3. Excellent post. It is so important now more than ever for Christians to stand together and bring revival.

  4. It's so frustrating. I voted at RCP.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. "This entire rancor over religion is because we are living in a time of tyranny by the few against the will of the majority."

    Sorry, folks, but the "conservative" side (probably at Karl Rove's instigation, thinking that it could pull the undecided christians into the Republican camp) put all this emphasis on religion over the last 10+ years, and now the conservatives have become so addicted to to that they are fighting among themselves (just like the Orcs in LOTR turn on themselves when Sarumon turns his back).

    As for the idea that our Judeo-Christian values gave birth to this great nation"

    I'd like someone to show me where Judaism was ever part of the flight from England to the New World in search of religious freedom. It's been shown that the puritans who came here weren't so "tolerant" of other faiths once they got over here and became the majority. Judaism has done a lot to make this country the free,m strong country it is, but let's not try to shift the blame for our American tradition of religious bigotry and intolerance onto our Jewish friends, because they can't be blamed for any of it (in my view).

  6. Fortunately/hopefully, the US Supreme Court (when issues come before it) will honor the First Amendment by reiterating that there shall be NO government support for or preference among competing faiths. These religious demagogues (those who use religion as a "political test") need to be reminded of the American founders' wisdom in relegating religion to the PRIVATE, PERSONAL sphere and in erecting a WALL between religion and government.

    I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth already rising up from the Bible Belt and its pieds à terre elsewhere in the USA.

  7. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Sen. Smith (R-NH) endorses Rep. Hunter for President.

    This is good news for Rep. Duncan Hunter. To have one of the most Conservative senators (in New Hamphsire, no less!) endorse you is a big deal...

    (Haloscan isn't working. It hasn't been for at least 3 days for me. Oh well...)

  8. Mark since you are such a frequent visitor and an oh so abundant commenter, I thought I’d pay your blog a little visit. Your blog, Hunting Sitting Ducks, boasts that you are “On The Hunt For The Inane, Facile, Reflexive And Prosaic Opinions Of The Masses Of thoughtless Followers Of Received Ideas.”

    I assumed that you were an immature, smug, self-satisfied, and overly indoctrinated Kool Aid drinking progressive. I admit that I was wrong. Your blog is one big blank page. Apparently you have had no received ideas. Keep up the good work. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  9. Touche, Faultline. The poor troll really has nothing to offer but regurgitated talking dulls of others.

  10. Since you linked to my insidious lefty blog, I figured I'd be back. My friend, I have more moral values in my atheist little finger than the entire Republican field of candidates. Why bother letting them talk about religion when they'll say anything to get the vote of the gullible?

    Gullible? Yes. You send your last penny to preachers who use it to fly around in private jets and build temples to their own wealth in the name of Jesus. If Jesus came back today he would puke at the display. Hell, if Jesus came back today, he'd be hogtied and shipped off to Guantanamo.

    Moral values? You mean, the highest teen pregnancy rate, the highest divorce rate? Yeah, I seee what values you're teaching. Moral values? When I hear every other week that another of your preachers is arrested for raping children or exposed for being homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with it but you folks seem to think so). The hypocrisy is endless.

    Normally, I ignore 'religious' folk, especially American Chrstians, but since you linked to my blog, well ...

    Do me a favor. Next time, link to the original article at the Great Orange Satan instead of my blog, or are you afraid you'll be overwhelmed with folks like me?

    Don't worry, I'm not a troll and I certainly won't be back. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  11. Here he is again! Jeez. He's all over the place. Can't he get enough punishment in one place, does he have to keep looking for more. There's a psychological term for that, you know.

    And way to go Faultline!! You are beautiful!!!

    Tell me, is there anybody out there whose happy to see this guy show up on their post?

  12. Your blog is one big blank page

    I'm planning to add to it ... one of these days. (un)fortunately, real work keeps me busy.

  13. Fixer this is a first. You are actually complaining about the free hyperlink I gave to your lefty blog? Well we can “fix” that easily enough. I’m more than happy to remove the hyperlink I gave to your blog. As for quoting the original blog, your own blog quoted Troutfishing and you will note that I also included that link to the Troutfishing quote. But then, it’s highly doubtful that you even bothered to read the article.

    As for your atheistic morals, well I’ll just leave your comments as is and let the rest of the sane world judge for themselves. Obviously you, too, must be suffering from Advanced Leftist-Progressive Misery compounded by this joyful Christmas season. And a Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Scrooge.

  14. Merry Christmas from an Atheist who gets the idea of Christmas. Don't let the scrooges get you down.

  15. Thank you bernie and a very Merry Christmas to you too!