Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bloggers Are Not Lazy Activists!

Last month Faultline USA conducted a small unscientific poll of 42 political activist bloggers.

Here was the question:

Theatrical producer Hal Prince has criticized this generation for lulling themselves into blogging each other rather than engaging in political activism. Do you agree?


Yes – 6(11%)
No – 27(64%)
Somewhat true – 9(21%)
I don’t know – 1(2%)

Are they right? What say you?



  1. I'm a political activist blogger.. :)

  2. I am a political activist blogger also!

    On my blog, and in comments on blogs and forums elsewhere, wherever possible, I show people how to take effective action, and I cooperate with others who do the same.

    Just for starters:

    Neo-Nazi Croatian band Thompson to tour Melbourne Dec. 29, 2007

    Blogburst: TBogg Deleted Evidence of Cover up at the Flight 93 Memorial

    Ditch those Citigroup credit cards!

    Stop Blog Censorship!

    OTOH, it seems that one of the blogs that many of us thought was a mainstay of the counterjihad, namely Little Green Footballs, has gone over to the dark side. The wrongdoing here goes far beyond mere sloth.

    Among other things, they are attacking and libeling everyone who is taking any effective action against the global jihad, particularly in Europe, and they are spreading the same old blood libels about the Serbs.

    Charles Johnson posts a lot of terrorism news stories on LGF, but that seems to have been nothing more than a ploy to gain page views for ads, and to get would-be activists to waste their time and energy on a site that is going nowhere. As soon as anybody attempts to get people to take effective action (such as enforcing existing laws) - even if they discuss it on another forum - they are banned from LGF. This has a chilling effect across the board.

    Whatever good that site may have done initially by making people aware of terrorist activities is far outweighed by the harm that LGF has done recently. They must be, and are being, discredited with such finality that no follower of theirs will ever again be able to harm our cause.

  3. As compared to the political axtivism of Woodstock? I'm not sure that blogging is any more lazy than most forms of expression we have engaged in, even if it is all we do.

    And quite often, it isn't.

    Principled Discovery