Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Politics and The “Christian” Left

There was a time in this nation’s history when religion and politics just didn’t mix, but that notion was really a myth. For example, the strength of the Black church in America has always been political activism. Religion and politics have never really been very far apart in America.

For decades the left has raised red flags over the religious right’s political activism while silently working behind the scenes to create today’s current stranglehold on many Christian denominations. Until recently, there were few writers exploring the left’s political infiltration of Christianity.

Here are some interesting blogs, with a variety of traditional viewpoints, with excerpts to explore.

This is from Sister Toldja, Desperately seeking halo: Obama panders to evangelicals in South Carolina

. . .It is when churches start allowing political correctness to seep into the pews and onto the pulpit that the word of God becomes deluded and, eventually, distorted into something it is clearly not. As an example the Evangelical Church is being torn apart by political correctness. . .

Here’s an excerpt from Sigmund, Carl and Afred “Give Me That Old Time Religion: Democrats In The Pews

. . .Not that long ago that people who went to church weren’t ridiculed by leftists. Liberals, unlike leftists, did not refer to people of faith as stupid or suggest they not be allowed to vote. While those leftist voices were loud, the silence from Democrat leadership was even louder. The Democrats want it both ways. The want to be the inheritors of liberal ideologies and the proud standard bearers of leftist dogma.

You can't have it both ways.

The real disappointment for Democrats today is that middle Americans aren’t as stupid and pliable as the Democrat leadership would like or have you believe. They still haven’t figured out that they have to offer something other than hatred as an option and alternative to conservative voices. They do not understand that it is far worse to be rejected by Middle America than it is to be rejected by the likes of MoveOn.org. . .


Who is the 'Christian' Left?What do the 'Christian' Left believe?Do the 'Christian' Left follow The Word of God - The Bible? In a little over five minutes, Bill Keller answers all these questions.

See also an earlier entry by Faultline USA:
Obama’s Marxist Liberation Theology Church

Check out Christians Against Leftist Heresy .

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  1. Glad you included a link to your article on Obama's church. That bishop is a dangerous man, in my opinion.

    The difference with the religious Right and the religious Left, is that the Right is constant ... while the Left brings out religion when they want to use it.

  2. One does not have to be active in church affairs to recognize that our Judeo-Christian culture here in America is under threat from the atheistic Left and their Islamist allies. However, speaking for myself, I had no idea of just how dangerous this whole leftist takeover of our churches had become until I started reading about it here in Faultline.

    How can we fight back against an enemy if we do not see them? Thanks to you we are beginning to see the threat and hopefully beginning to fight back.

    We rely on your deep understanding and expertise in this field to guide us through this labyrinth of obfuscation and propaganda. You are our champion.

  3. I think you are confusing "Judeo-Christian" culture with a socialized way of looking at the world based on one's upbringing rather than real wisdom.

    Because one doesn't take this viewpoint as Gospel, realizing it is humanly created culture, does not make one any less of a Christian. Even if one is a Democrat.

    Just a thought.