Monday, October 08, 2007

The Non-Scientific Poll That Counts

Texas Fred has started a NEW site, TexasFred's Non-Scientific Polling Place where he will be posing some serious questions from us – that is if they are good questions.

All responses are anonymous because Texas Fred can't see who is actually voting.

According to Texas Fred, “I have NO tracking set on this blog, it is totally anonymous and I can't tell who uses the poll or who visits or anything, but if you post about it and link it, I need to know so I can return the favor with a link back to you and your site.”

Now that’s a cool deal in itself!

There are some great questions up right now:

If Rudy Giuliani were to win the RNC nomination would you support him simply because he's a Republican?? Would you support him against ANY Dem candidate?

Do you think Rush Limbaugh was disrespecting the troops with his statement regarding 'Phony Soldiers'?

Go Vote Now!

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