Monday, October 15, 2007

Flight 93 Memorial Video

Watch and be informed and enraged. (originally posted at Right Truth)

From, and with many thanks to, Caos Blog

A “big picture” view of the Paul Murdoch architects’ designed memorial for the Flight 93 crash site.

I’m anxious to learn what people think about this and if the points are clearly made, and if there is any clarification that is necessary to keep it simple but clear.

Most of it is information I obtained through Alec Rawls’ book, Crescent of Betrayal, and scouting around on the internet to see if his claims were true. I learned a lot in the process…and hope that the points in the little movie are clear. I’ve already had some input from people before I uploaded it to youtube; it gets people pretty upset and angry to think this is happening anywhere in our country… (here)

For background information please read Crescent of Shame in Honor of 19 Terrorists and Stop the Memorial Blogburst

If you want to join the blogroll/blogburst for the Crescent of Betrayal blogburst, email Cao at caoilfhionn1 at gmail dot com, with your blog’s url address. The blogburst will be sent out once a week to the participants, for simultaneous publication on this issue on Wednesdays.

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