Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Were four Korean hostages raped by Taliban?

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Spanish Pundit raised the question of whether four female Korean hostages were raped by the Taliban during their incarceration. I had not heard this news, but here's her story:

Were SK women sexually assaulted by the Talibans?

Something that has been left un-said in the media but on most people minds was if the Taliban sexually assaulted the women or not. The hostages are not talking yet but reports are filtering out of Afghanistan that at least four of the hostages were sexually assaulted by Pakistani Taliban which set off a fight between two Taliban groups. The sexual assault of the Korean women would be highly damaging to the Taliban’s effort to cultivate an image of being mujahadeen fighting for a Muslim cause in Afghanistan when they are going around kidnapping and raping women. I’m sure we will find out sooner or later if the report is true or not, but I would not be surprised at all if some of the women were sexually assaulted by these Taliban criminals.

Afghan Lord has more:

Taliban strongly rejected allegations regarding sexual assault on four female Korean captives. Militant spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi told to media they were waging jihad against obscenity, immorality and un-Islamic acts in Afghanistan.

Read it all and more in Toasted Bread's article, "More on Talibans and SK Missionaries, NK nuclear plant, war against Iran?, Solutions, Global Warming and FGM."

From Nomad:

South Korea paid Afghanistan’s Taliban more than $20 million to release 19 missionaries they were holding hostage, a senior insurgent leader said on Saturday, vowing to use the funds to buy arms and mount suicide attacks. [snip]

"We will do the same thing with the other allies in Afghanistan, because we found this way to be successful,"

Where's the outrage for the West, from the Lefties, from the Progressives??? Where's a Western version of Rage Boy??? From ABC (hat tip Spanish Pundit)

When adherents of any religion are so ill mannered as to venture into another’s area, be it your home or country, ... [snip] ... then they should expect, at the very least, rejection. When confronting such as the Taliban,and fundamentalists of any religion, then they should be prepared to reap the harvest of their own ignorance.

From Neptunus for his photoshop, of Islamic Rage Boy, via Rhymes With Right


Arming Against Iran, Peace and Freedom and Washington Times

The best argument for the necessity of American victory in Iraq was made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Aug. 28 when he declared his regime was “prepared to fill the gap” if U.S. forces withdrew. To give meaning to Tehran’s claim, the Iranian-backed Mahdi Army of Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr appeared poised to take control of the key Iraqi city of Basra in the wake of a British pullback.

Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb Iran?, (Rhymes With Right)
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