Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Reading List, dedicated to America's workers

Originally posted at Right Truth, cross posted here at Faultline USA's request.

Today's Sunday Reading list is dedicated to American workers. Buy American. Support capitalism. Enjoy:

Chinese Crap OUT, American Crap IN, at The Intolerant Fox

... How about .00 cents an hour? Free labor. Right now, in prisons all over America, capable hands sit idly, lifting weights, making shivs, violating their roomates...and they're ours for the taking! I say we offer up the incarcerated population to all the toy companies as free labor! Why shouldn't they earn their keep? I'd rather my tax money go for training them how to build a lead-free Tickle-Me-Elmo than to their cable-porn habits, wouldn't you? Get them up in the morning, get them on a bus, take them to the factory, let them put in shifts around the clock and start pumping out those American-made toys for all of us to enjoy at Walmart!

Mad Gorilla's Jungle suggests it's time to Declare War On Illegals"

There are many problems in this country that need addressing. ... There is one issue, however, that supercedes all the rest. That issue is illegal aliens. Yes, I called them 'aliens' because I refuse to call someone who enters this country illegally an immigrant, out of respect for those who come here within the law. (more)

Only In America, Toni at Bear Creek Ledger

Did you hear about the deaf mute illegal alien? No, this is no joke. A deaf mute illegal alien by the name of Oswaldo Martinez of El Salvador who is charged with raping and killing 16 year old Brittany Binger was found incompetent due to his inability to communicate. So, what did the courts do? Why they sent him to a sign language hospital for the last TWO YEARS!!

CONVOY: of Mexican Trucks -- Bush and company are allowing Mexican trucks to take over our highways. , from And Rightly So

California without Mexicans:

An opinion piece in the LA Times compares the exaggerated fantasy of the 2004 satire, "A Day Without a Mexican" with the reality that a new Social Security requirement to match names and SS#s to the database could cripple the Ca. economy. But essentially, the article poses that "workplace enforcement without immigration reform will cripple the economy." Well, most people would start with enforcing the existing laws...and that means making it illegal to knowingly hire illegal aliens.(more at Stormwarning's Counterterrorism Blog)

Is recent immigration enforcement smoke and mirrors? The Virtuous Republic (Also News From ICE; For Deportation To Work, It Needs Border Security; Federal Judge Blocks Use of Social Security Numbers to Weed Out Illegal Aliens

For the last couple of weeks, I have been heartened by the Bush Administration's seemingly more aggressive application of immigration laws. With that said, it was quite obvious that the administration wasn't fighting illegal immigration because it wanted to, but rather because it had been forced to do so by the great unwashed masses

Illegals who kill and the scumbag lawyers who defend them,
Conservative Common Man, and Mexican Drug Smugglers Owe President Bush a Big Thank You

From Across the Bay, "The Blather Dispatch": "Djerejian Jr. pulls the old "ignorance" routine to bash Sen. Lieberman's recent op-ed on Damascus Airport and Jihadists."

So naturally, as is always the case with such people trying to pontificate on something they know absolutely nothing about, we're treated to the usual set of idiotic cliches, and, well, "ignorance." [snip]

You'd think that people who know very little to nothing about the topic at hand would think twice before opening their mouths, given how their own statements are completely mortifying. But then again, some things are genetic.

How to Know When The Government is Really out to Get You!, at Total Transformation

Hollywood Hates the Troops -- Where does this MOON-BAT Tim Robbins get his information? from Our World as We See It

I Hate the Military’s Stop Loss Policy, Blue Star Chronicles

The Complete Blockhead's Guide on How to Know when the Black Helicopters are Coming for You... [WARNING: this post includes midgets, Lohans, Asian people, and incoherent ramblings], Musings, Rants and

Check out Ortho's Sunday Reading List, it's a good one.

Funny Hypocrisy From The Democrats, Pirate's Cove

Shocking Decision In Douchbag Case, Rhymes With Right

Mohammad the Prophet Balloons
, Big Dog's Weblog

A Word From Afghanistan, Rosemary's Thoughts

Oil Companies Vindicates, Adam's Blog

Church and State, OTA Weekend

123Beta, Weekend OTA

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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