Friday, September 14, 2007

Norwegian intelligence is actively working inside Iran.

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Norwegian intelligence is active in Iran. Wow. Great news for everybody, but why would this information get out into the media? Just like inside the United States, Lefties leak information to the MSM, then the voices of complaint start squawking.

Major General Torgeir Hagen says that the Intelligence Service is charting Iran's possible nuclear weapons program, registering threat against Norway's allies, and at the same time securing Norwegian interests in the country.

Researcher at the the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), professor Daniel Heradstveit, says he is deeply shocked by the news that Norwegian intelligence is operating inside Iran.

- As a small state we rather ought to take on the role of bridge builder towards Iran. But here we stand as a small nation and do the work that could be done by the larger nations, Heradstveit says.

It is known that Norway has for years contributed intelligence to US and British military operations around the world.

According to NRK, Norway has mounted extensive intelligence operations in the Balcans, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan. (The Norway Post via Insight Into Today's Middle East)

On another topic, Austria is fighting terrorism also, according to Infidels are Cool, 3 bad guys arrested.

Also on Austria, Austrian oil-and-gas company OMV AG, "after several acquisitions in recent years, is now the biggest oil-and-gas player in Central and Eastern Europe, with sales of €19 billion ($26.16 billion) last year." (Iran Focus and Wall Street Journal, via Insight Into Today's Middle East)

Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch, 42, was stabbed in Frankfurt Germany by a young man speaking Arabic.

Norway to Give $1.46 Million to Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.

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