Monday, September 03, 2007

Lebanon under control of Iran and Syria

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"Recent events in the past few days have indicated Lebanon is now within the sphere of influence of Tehran-Syria-Riyadh." (NewsBlaze)

One of the Lebanese opposition leaders, Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, has just announced the opposition, which has been demonstrating in downtown Beirut since December, has dropped its demand for a Unity Government and will instead agree to a Consensus Candidate. The opposition knows and their state sponsors, Iran-Syria-Saudi Arabia, the candidate will not be Prime Minister Fouad Siniora as a result of the three hour visit a couple of days ago by U. S. Chief of Central Command Admiral William Fallon. It was reported at the time Fallon may be acting under orders to prepare an evacuation of Lebanon's leaders who have close relations with the West. The next day it is then announced Siniora will make a visit to Berlin on Wednesday September 5. I suspect Fallon may have been acting on the recommendations from the French who realize Siniora's position is untenable and perhaps he could be saved before the fighting expands beyond the Palestinian refugee camp-city Nahr al-Bared outside Tripoli in northern Lebanon near Syria's border. The fighting has been preparation for Syria's entry into Lebanon in support of Hezbollah. That is why the war began near Syria's border. [ALJAZEERA]

More at Al Jazeera here, and this:

Debka is now reporting Lebanon's army, though moving into the camp, will not be in control of the underground bunker complex, which still contains some well-supplied fighters of Fatah al-Islam. East German military engineers constructed the subterranean complex during the 1980s for Yasser Arafat and his Fatah gunmen to protect them from Israeli air strikes. That is why when the fighting began one of Fatah al-Islam's leaders said they could resist for months, since the bunkers probably contain living quarters and huge food-ammunition storage areas, which can be supplied through tunnels. And that is probably the reason the death of Fatah al-Islam's leader cannot be confirmed. [DEBKA]

Crossfire says, "The military footnote UNIFIL will be caught in the crossfire."

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