Monday, September 17, 2007

Iranian police take vicious criminals of the state into custody

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Oh, yeah. He really looks dangerous. Photo via Archer. (hat tip Hot Air) who says, "Keep it up, turds. Every little bit of senseless repression helps."

In the past, dog owners have received warnings or were forced to pay fines for having a pet dog. Despite such harassment, dog ownership has increased over the years, especially among young people in Tehran. [snip]

“They said, ‘We want to get rid of Western culture,’” Banafshe said. “They said, ‘You live in an Islamic country, it’s not right to have dogs. Are you not Islamic? Why does your family allow you to own a dog?’ They insulted me, they even told me that they hope my dog will die. But there was nothing I could do but cry. [snip]

The new clampdown on dogs follows a recent order by the head of Tehran’s security forces, Ahmad Reza Radan, who said it is against the law for dogs to walk in public. (more at Sweetness and Light)

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