Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Catching up after the holiday

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Here's the image, now you need to go visit Chicago Ray and read the article that goes with it. (I love the photoshop job, don't you? Chicago Ray did it himself.)


Hamas: We fired American weapons at Israel, Terror group says it seized, used stockpiles of weaponry upon Gaza takeover at American and Proud.

Giving any Muslim in the middle east a weapon, is like giving a pedophile the keys to the day care, it’s not wise.

Iran claims it's uranium has been reached
, Miss Beth's Victory Dance.

If this is true, they are closer to a bomb than the IAEA thinks.

Superhighway? What Superhighway???, at Wake Up America. Read the article, read the comments:

More typical shifting and slithering from Washington. It's very easy to deny something if you call it something else, obviously.

Name changed to hide 'Superhighway'?
WND obtains secret document revealing original moniker of 'SuperCorridor'

Can a Northern POTUS Ticket Win in the South - So Far NO
and McCain Takes Lead In South Carolina at The Pink Flamingo

Check out President George W. Bush's speech in Anbar Province Iraq this weekend at
Stop The ACLU

The Impending Catastrophe: Can We Combat It?
, at Democrats Now:

It is not necessary to delve very far beneath the surface to realize that Democrats and Republicans are essentially of one mind. But they are also electoral competitors, obliged to appeal to (somewhat) different constituencies for votes and to (somewhat) different sectors of the ruling class for money.

Get the latest on the hurricanes at Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker

The U.S. Open, and ME!,
from Angel at Woman Honor Thyself
CASABLANCA (HD DVD), Planck's Constant
John Edwards health plan includes compulsory preventative care, Learning Straight Up
123Beta, OTA

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  1. Thanks for this interesting post, Deb. There's so much here to comment on I don't know where to begin. So I think I'll just limit myself to responding to that Hamas piece.

    How can ANYONE still buy into that preposterous lie that all the Palestinians and their murderous brethern at Hamas really want is a fair and reasonable "two-state solution"? Has anyone noticed what happened to Gaza when the Israelis left? Has anyone bothered to read their hate-filled literature or listened to those insane and violence-inspiring "Friday Prayer" speeches.

    What these thugs want is very simple: for Israel to be gone and all the Jews dead. Period.