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Backlash Against Bollinger, and some Saudi connections

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"I'm filled with both approval and an unsettling sense of discomfort at how wonderfully backstabbing Lee Bollinger turned out to be." says The Colossus of Rhodey. And now will Bollinger pay a price for that? The odds are yes. He may be toast very soon. Ed Koch called Bollinger's comments "hectoring and bullying."

They [the Islamic world] saw Columbia University's president, Bollinger, who had invited Ahmadinejad to his school, do what should never be done - insult the person who is a guest in your home, office or shared podium and stage. [snip]

Bollinger, a Jew himself, gave Ahmadinejad ammunition to be used among Islamic supporters that the battle at Columbia was primarily a battle between Islam and the Jews, and Ahmadinejad had bravely stood up to the mocking of the Jewish Bollinger. (more)

The Iranian academic society has now condemned Lee Bollinger remarks, but they blame the media on his remarks.

"Your insulting words to the president of 72 million people who have 7000 years of rich civilization and culture is embarrassing. Although apparently you have stated those hateful words under great pressure of the media it is disgraceful and surprising to see that the Media direct university president's words."

The following is an excerpt from a letter from a Senior Professor at Columbia University, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, to Seraphic Secret:

3) For all the talk about the Jewish money Bollinger will lose from alumni, the real problem for him is the Saudi money. As you know the Saudis HATE Iran and they're not happy about this appearance. It serves Columbia right: do you know that Columbia began removing its King's Crown logo from many of its mailings so as not to offend the Saudis? You see, the King's crown has crosses on it. They replaced it with the Queen's crown, (which has spades), until some richer American alums cried foul. Now they just avoid the crown altogether. We were all stupid enough to think it was about offending secularists, but of course it was the Muslims.

4) Bollinger probably won't survive this unless John Kluge rides to his public rescue... and that may not happen. Kluge probably wants to stay silent about this and he's not married to Bollinger anyway.

5) There is strong talk that Bloomberg may be the next president of Columbia. I'm not sure he would do better, but he would probably have more guts. (read it all)

From Atlas:

Looks like Bollinger is in for the Larry Summers treatment. NY Sun:

A backlash against the president of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, who on Monday delivered a harsh rebuke to President Ahmadinejad, is coming from faculty members and students who said he struck an “insulting tone” and that his remarks amounted to “schoolyard taunts.” (more)

Also Sister Toldjah and Jules Crittenden have more.

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  1. Interesting article. I did not know about Columbia's Saudi ties, or it's ignoble groveling before them for money. A wonderful example of academia's high ethical standards.

    I have said elsewhere that Bollinger made two mistakes. First, and most obvious, it was a huge mistake in judgment to invite Ahmadinejad to their campus in the first place. Columbia totally underestimated the American public's shock and revulsion at this ill-advised decision.

    Secondly, once invited, it was a huge mistake for Bollinger to attack and insult the evil Black Dwarf before he had even begun to speak. In the eyes of the world, and obviously all over the Iranian Press, this unprecedented and unexpected attack on a guest speaker before he had even had a chance to speak was an affront to common decency and had the unfortunate consequence of ceding the high moral ground the world's most dangerous lunatic.

    One can only surmise that this was a dramatic last-ditch attempt by the beleaguered Bollinger to salvage his badly damaged reputation. The effect, however, was totally counter-productive and only damaged Columbia further.

    This whole mess could have been avoided if Columbia had shown one iota of common sense, and perhaps just the smallest show of patriotism. Sadly, both qualities seem notably absent from our academic world these days.