Monday, August 20, 2007

Iowa Democratic Debate

Ok, so I will admit that I actually watched the Iowa debate Sunday morning. As a conservative, I have absolutely no intention of voting for any Democrat, but the frightening thought did pass my mind . . .

God forbid, what if one of these libs actually becomes our next president?

I’m not going to recap here the substance of what each one said. It doesn’t really matter. After all, when was the last time Democratic words ever matched Democratic deeds? So I was watching just to see which one appeared most presidential.

From my p.o.v. , I’d have to give that honor to Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden coming in at a very close second. Barack Obama placed third if only because he seemed somewhat tentative/evasive. Bill Richardson came off like a light-weight on foreign policy. And then there was John Edwards.

What can I say about Edwards??? Everything about him from facial expressions to body language spells PHONY! And did anyone catch that delicately crooked little finger??? Wonder if The O'Reilly Factor will bring out the body language experts for Edwards’ Sunday performance?

George Stephanopoulos, moderator, did a pretty fair job of putting them on the hot-seat.
Notice how Political Wire put it. The words “gently” caught my attention.

In fact, Edwards "gently admonished Mr. Stephanopoulos for 'trying to create a fight' by his questions when 'any Democratic president will end this war... The differences between all of us are very small compared to the differences between us and the Republican candidates"

The most interesting part of the debate was over foreign policy with Biden and Clinton cautioning that we can’t just immediately pull our troops out of Iraq. And Biden’s ads broadcast in Iowa call for a responsible, yet not too hasty, exit from Iraq. Looks to me like those two are now playing to the moderates and the undecided.

I read where the polls are saying that when it comes to projecting values, the Democrats are way behind the Republicans. Well Duh??? That must have been the reason for the question to each candidate about the power of prayer. Do they actually pray? Put your minds to rest, these Democratic candidates all believe in the power of prayer. Did we expect them to say otherwise?

Much has already been made about Barack Obama’s humorous (and obviously rehearsed) response to “How did you prepare for this debate?”

“To prepare for this debate, I rode in the bumper cars at the state fair.”

But hands down, the best impromptu comic relief came from Dennis Kucinich’s response to the question about prayer.

“I’ve been standing here for the last 45 minutes praying to God you were going to call on me.”

 Democratic Debate

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  1. NorthGAConservativeMon Aug 20, 07:49:00 AM 2007

    Watch Edwards. He is taking the tack of I am an outsider, I am not part of the system and I am a leader within the Democratic party. He pitches himself as an agent of change and of all of those candidates, in the end, he scares me the most.

  2. I'd love to see your "editorial" on the repuglican debates sometime. Talk about phoney? How does mitch and gooliana rate? Please give some balance to your narrow pov.

    Finally, do you really think prayer is doing such a powerful job in our policies today? I'd rather have an athiest leading this country that has a conscience and compassion for the world than these hypocrites that are leading down the road to hell.

    Open your eyes a bit and you might see a bit more hope with these clowns then the bullshit your clowns toss about. It's almost a clown-fest watching them try to impress the religious right and the "America is No #1" crowd.

  3. Well, the theologin in chief is doing such a great job and the family values party have such notables running. Such as the pile master who has been divorced numerous time and has been disowned by his children. If you define family values as lying cheating and stealing the republicans are hands down the winner.

  4. Good for you sitting through the debate. You have a stronger stomach than I do, ha.

    Seriously, it is important to know what these folks are saying, how they relate to each other. I have no use whatsoever for Edwards, he's the biggest fraud of all.

    Hillary and Obama are both dangerous, but I seriously think Obama would be much worse than Hillary.

  5. Thanks Debbie for your sane comments. As for the earlier comments, I thought I was rather "gentle" towards most of the candidates. Well, it's obvious that these cool aid drinkers are not only easily led, but very easily excited!

  6. Is it too much to hope that your comments could carry even a hint of objectivity. No wonder the American electoral and political system is in such a mess.
    If you could cut out the polemics the country might just turn into a democracy; but I am not holding my breath.

  7. I alternated between Meet the Depressed and Stephie boy. I tape Fox News. Man, I have to confess, I almost couldn't do it. I knew they were lying, and I remember what they have said. They are not running against GWB, but they don't know that. Good grief.

  8. And as far as your other commenters (except you, Debbie), THIS IS HIS SITE. You don't like it? GO AWAY! He didn't ask you to come here, it's a free country. He can say whatever he wants without your damn permission. You got that? Or is that too difficult for you?

    Small minds...

  9. "Dear Faultline USA,
    All I can say is, you really should have known better. For a conservative to comment on the Democratic debates is almost as bad as -- well, actually I can't think of anything much worse. And then to mention the Bill O'Reilly Show in the same article. Whew! Those angry libs are probably burning you in effigy right now.

    As far as your observations about Biden and Clinton "playing to the moderates", I'm not so sure about that. I think that they themselves are unsure. They've backed themselves into a corner over Iraq. Like all liberals they really don't want us fighting back anywhere, anytime, against anybody -- except Bush.

    The only war that they ever supposedly supported was the Second World War -- PBS's most beloved confict. Even Bill Moyers loves the Second World War. Somehow these present day pacifists have managed to convince themselves that back in the 1940s they would have been different, they would have been gung-ho patriotic war supporters. However, given their current display of moral inertia, I tend to doubt even that.

    The Democrats want us out of Iraq. Primarily because Bush wants us to stay. But, according to the latest polls I've seen, the rest of the country considers the war in Iraq important to our national security and wants us to finish the job. After calling for withdrawal all these months, how do the Dems get around this problem?

    Whatever else they're saying these days, this is just their way of wheedling around this intractable dilemma. No matter how you cut it, "phased withdrawal" is still withdrawal. And -- ask our brave soldiers on the lines -- withdrawal of any kind is both cowardly and self-destructive.

    Finally, somehow the liberals (and most Democrats) don't really seem to believe that we're in a 'real war'.

    Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems to me, that if a foreign entity attacks one of your biggest cities, killing almost 3,000 innocent civilians, then bombs the headquarters of your military infrastructure and attempts to destroy your capitol, this constitutes an Act of War.

    Incredibly, some people still don't buy into this argument.

    God help us.

    Keep up the good fight. We need you. This country needs you.

    Best wishes,

  10. NorthGaConservativeTue Aug 21, 11:35:00 AM 2007

    I saw a few posts here that just begged a response.

    Let me get this straight, you (hulkheroes and Anonymous) are going to log onto a conservative blog and complain about how reporting is done? About what is written?

    And on the prayer challenge, Ill bet if you tried it and actually listened, you at least wouldnt question why people believe in it.