Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Conservative Homework Assignments: Due Thursday August 16th

This is from Wake up America

On Thursday, August 16th, as a direct response to MoveOn.org's crass
attempts to politicize the Iraq War, Vets for Freedom is asking all of its
members to participate in our "Cost of Defeat" Call-in Campaign.

And we are not alone in this effort. We are proud to be partnering with Families United for the Troops and Their Mission, a grassroots
coalition of thousands of Gold Star and Blue Star families including some with
loved ones currently in harm's way. Both the troops-and their families-will be
making calls this Thursday!So mark your calendar and call your members of
Congress to explain the "Cost of Defeat" in Iraq. Tell them that defeat in Iraq
would mean the following things:

* A bloodbath in Iraq, costing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi
lives and possibly destabilize the entire Middle East region.

* A failed state in Iraq and a safe haven for Al Qaeda to plan future
attacks against America and her allies.

* An emboldened Iran in pursuit of nuclear weapons and a victorious Al
Qaeda in pursuit of new ways to kill Americans at home and around the world. .

This is from The Victory Caucus

It's been a few weeks since we re-launched The Victory Caucus with a new site design, and it's time for an update --- and a request for your help. August and
September are crucial months for the war effort, both on the ground in Iraq and
here at home. In September --- most likely right around September 11th ---
General Petreaus will deliver his report to Congress, and defeatists are doing
everything in their power to discredit and dismiss the General's findings before
he even delivers them. At The Victory Caucus, we aim to ensure they fail, and that the American people get an accurate an honest understanding of the progress being made and the prospects for genuine victory.

But we need your help. Right now, the key media battlefront is not in
Washington --- it's in your town; your district; your state. Congressmen and
Senators are back home during the August recess, and while they are there, they
need to hear from supporters of victory. If you haven't done so already, try to
find out if your Congressman (and Senators) are holding "town hall" meetings
while they are home --- or just try to reach them at their office. Let them know
how you feel: if they have been strong on the war, thank them, and if they
haven't --- politely let them know you hope they'll change their mind . .

Some reading assignments to get you steamy just in case you aren’t already hot enough

This is from Right Truth

August 14, 2007
East Tsunami Imminent?

In A.D. 551, a massive earthquake spawned huge
tsunamis that devastated the coast of Phoenicia, now Lebanon -- this happens
"approximately every 1,500 years—which means a disaster is due any day now."(YaLibnan via IMIA News)

Now a new underwater survey has finally uncovered the fault
likely responsible for the catastrophe and shown that it rumbles approximately
every 1,500 years—which means a disaster is due any day now.

"It is just a matter of time before a destructive tsunami hits this
region again," said Iain Stewart, an earthquake expert at the University of
Plymouth in the United Kingdom not involved in the underwater survey.

The ample archaeological and historical evidence from the A.D. 551
earthquake indicate that it was truly a catastrophic event. The resulting
tsunami damaged all major coastal cities between Tripoli and Tyr, and Tripoli
was reported to have "drowned." [snip]

More than 30,000 people died in Beirut alone.

"If this earthquake and tsunami were repeated today, it would be a
disaster of enormous proportions," said Sanford Holst, an author and expert on
ancient Phoenicia.

More than 70 percent of Lebanon's roughly 4 million people live along
the coast. The seaport of Beirut has a population of 1.5 million. (read
) . . .

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