Monday, August 27, 2007

CNN: Are All God’s Warriors Equivalent?

This is a continuing series of articles concerning the left’s attack on traditional American cultural values. Regardless of how you feel about religion, you have to admit that the left has been fairly successful in its attempts to infiltrate many of our cherished institutions – including our religious institutions. What the left can’t infiltrate, they are willing to mock and to marginalize by attempting to engender fear primarily against Christians and Jews.

Now that bastion of leftist ideology, CNN, has managed to lump Christian and Jewish conservatives into the same “warrior” pot with Islamists.

This is an excerpt from last Thursday’s article, “Is Your Church a Secret Sanctuary?

. . .The growth of leftist Christianity within Catholicism, Mainline Protestantism, and even among Evangelical Christians, is a frightening phenomena that has received scant attention. Last week’s news of the arrest and deportation of the Sanctuary movement’s spokesperson, Elvira Arellano, highlights not only the strength of the left within urban churches, but Marxist Christianity (or Liberation Theology) is a fast-growing evolution of heretical Christianity effecting every little congregation is the U.S. . .

Here are some excerpts from reviews of CNN’s latest special, God’s Warriors:

CNN’s Master Plan: Part One” by By Phyllis Chesler

. . . After watching Amanpour’s segment on the Jews, I was disheartened and outraged. How long will people have to suffer Big Lies on our screens and be forced to react defensively, only after the fact? How much Saudi money might really be involved in CNN’s series? In addition to bin Talal, we do know that the Saudis have been buying up shares in the Western media, (UPI for example), influencing curriculum on campuses, and in some instances, buying certain journalists outright. (There is a scandal about this still under wraps in Europe right now. Stay tuned for an update). . .

Amanpour is worse than all the others (writers mainly) who have been blasting Judaism and Christianity but mainly in order to be able to also blast, but in a lesser way, Islam. The thesis is that we are all guilty, all to blame, that each religion is clannish, “different,” its texts support violence, its extreme followers are but a handful, nothing for the world to worry about.

These are all false assumptions and outright lies.

From Camera

CNN's "God's Warriors," hosted by Christiane Amanpour, is a three-part series intended to examine the growing role of religious fundamentalism in today's world. Unfortunately, the first program in the series, "God's Jewish Warriors," is one of the most grossly distorted programs to appear on mainstream American television in many years. It is false in its basic premise, established in the opening scene in which Jewish (and Christian) religious fervency is equated with that of Muslims heard endorsing "martyrdom," or suicide-killing. . . .

From Yid With Lid

Pamela of Atlas Shrugs calls Christiane Amanpour -Christiane I'm-a-whore. After the past week I would suggest to Pamela that her description doesn't go far enough in describing the CNN "reporter." She created a three part series "God's Warriors"which was supposed to examine three different religions and their relationship with Israel and she managed to attack Israel with each one.

I wonder what her motivation was---a gift for her Muslim father, . . .

By the end of her third and final segment we are meant to fear and loathe the Christian conservative right far more than we are meant to fear or loathe Amanpour's Amadinejad whom --incredibly--she never accuses of funding Hezbollah's terrorist work abroad. . .

From an article on History News Network by Timothy R. Furnish (He is the proprietor of

On Thursday, August 23, CNN went after “God’s Christian Warriors.” Let me state at the outset, in the name of full disclosure, that while I am a rather conservative Christian, I am in no way, shape or form an evangelical or “fundamentalist” Christian (yes, my liberal readers, there IS a difference).

Amanpour began by observing that “religion has exploded as a political force” in the last 30 years but blames it on the Religious Right: “[Jerry] Falwell thrust religion into politics.” Has Christiane, or any producer or editor at CNN, never had a class in American history? Religion has been part and parcel of American politics going back to the founding of the Republic, as Jon Meacham demonstrates in his recent book American Gospel. Many Americans who don’t work at CNN know that the 19th century fight to emancipate black American slaves was led by the churches. And even within Amanpour’s lifetime, we have had the example of the civil rights struggle—incubated in black and white churches and led, more often than not, by ministers. How she gets away with stating on TV that Falwell religionized politics is beyond me. . .

Why does CNN seem obsessed with equating Christian fundamentalists with Muslim ones? Despite some surface simlarities, the two are quite different. But for CNN, as for much of the mainstream media, ANY strong religious belief is ipso facto frightening and irrational.

From an article from >Documentary Videos by Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center

A day prior to the airing of Christiane Amanpour's six-hour CNN documentary entitled God's Warriors, I was one of four clergymen to be a guest on Larry King Live to discuss the issue of fundamentalism in today's world. The interview on Larry King was pre-recorded in mid-July and none of the participants had seen the six-hour documentary because it was still being edited. Now that I have seen it, I sent the following critique to the producers of God's Warriors. . . .

An article from B’NAI ELIM by Michael Devolin, B'nai Elim Canada

. . I'm sure CNN is so very proud of Amanpour's anti-Israel, anti-Judaism diatribe. Of course, her "moral equivalency" is standard for CNN and their self-aggrandizing, cowardly journalists. Heaven forbid they should point out that Jews do not blow themselves up in German and Austrian restaurants for the sins of the Holocaust and the Crusades. Heaven forbid they should reveal, as did Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her book Infidel, that "Violent jihad is a historical constant in Islam." Heaven forbid they should expose the fact that Muslim zealots in the 21st century behead journalists and aid-workers simply because those journalists and aid-workers are Christians and Jews and therefore do not measure up to the Prophet Mohammed and the glory of the Koran. CNN and their effete journalists like Christiane Amanpour (all her war correspondence notwithstanding) are incapable of making such veridical contradistinctions simply because they have long ago made the obsequious choice to feed the masses with palatable slander, even though the masses, as history has so often exposed, often howl for anti-Jewish slander.

Cheat-Seeking Missiles says:

Christiane Amanpour, that pinnacle of tolerance and objectivity, is going to spend three nights this week looking at what she calls God's Warriors. No, not the jihadists who are killing thousands of innocents every year -- although they are in the six-hour special -- but also "God's Jewish warriors" and "God's Christian warriors."She uses those phrases throughout the preview clips, and it's disgusting. There's hardly a Christian alive who would call an abortion clinic bomber "God's warrior," nor do Jews use "Jewish warrior" to describe the few in Israeli society who resort to a little terrorism in the face of an overwhelming terrorist threat. . .

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  1. I posted Part I and Part II of PHYLLIS CHESLER's articles at Right Truth, at the request of the author and her friend Fern Sidman. You might be interested in Part II if you haven't read it.


    Part I:

    Nice roundup.

  2. Another bullseye! I've commented quite a bit on this subject elsewhere, but because I believe they are pertinent, I'll repeat some of them here.

    Sweet Christiane, together with that other delusional liberal crusader and jihadi apologist, the loony Ms. Karen Armstrong, make their inane pronouncements in the name of truth and fair-mindedness. Nothing could be further from the truth nor less "fair-minded" than their (deliberately?) misleading diatribes.

    Recently, speaking on one of her promotional tours in London, promoting her latest book -- yet another attempt to demonstrate that all religions are fundamentally the same and all equally desirous of peace(!), MS. Armstrong called for the West to be more tolerant of Islam and of the Muslims in their communities.(!)

    Somehow deftly managing to avoid confronting the blatant facts that the enormous social upheavals that are tearing Europe and Britain apart at his very moment are not the result of the liberal democracies not being tolerant enough but, rather, being excessively and indiscriminately tolerant of a violent and intolerant fanatical religious movement which, given the opportunity, would quickly do away with all of those liberal values which the good Ms. Armstrong so ardently embraces.

    The very last thing that we need as we struggle against the increasing incursions of this barbarous ideology is this kind of foolish and dangerous propaganda.

    I appreciate Faultline's noble and enlightening crusade against this kind of cultural sabotage.

    Keep up the good fight!

  3. Gee, just turn it off.

  4. To gregdn -- I wish it was just that easy!

  5. Fantastic job. I am one of those 'scary' Christians. I share my belief with people. OMG! Yes, I even help people when and where I can. *Lock me up!* Indeed, I even pray for their souls. *I've crossed the line!* LOL.

    So? Who's can stop me? This 'docu-mental-airy' does more damage to the unsuspecting than does a prayer which no one sees nor hears. How dare they...

    God bless you for putting the truth out there. You shall be rewarded. :)

  6. The Christians who are backing Sheik George W Bush's jihad to spread the fatwa of neo-Con freedom and democracy are a scary bunch. Yet the reality is that they are the kinds of Christians Jesus would probably chuck out of the temple with thee money-changers.

    Christ stood for truth and justice. Yet Bush's jihadist pentecostals and evangelical mullahs will support a war based on a huge lie.

    Where are the WMD's? And why does America's Christian al-Qaida support those who will do anything to maintain a belligerent Jewish state?

    The reason is simple. They are in-bred, stupid red-necks. When Jesus returns, these people will be thrown against the wall and shot.

  7. Here's my view on Hirsi Ali.

    Unlike most people, I actually interviewed her in person.