Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pelosi in July: New Misdirection for America

By Stanford Matthews
Blog @ MoreWhat.com

Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to spread the far left liberal agenda as documented by press releases from her own taxpayer funded website. This is the third installment of Pelosi in July. An entire month's worth of propaganda from someone charged with performing her duties in the public interest. The first reference is yet another statement equating the Democratic party's support of amnesty for illegal aliens as some great contribution to the American melting pot and claiming it poses no risk or threat to the country Pelosi is supposed to protect. The final irony is she made the statements while hosting an immigration workshop for prospective applicants for citizenship the legal status of which are still unknown. Pelosi said....

“While Democrats supported bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform that would have kept America safe and united families, Republicans resorted to obstruction. In contrast, Democrats will continue to move in a New Direction with strong border security, effective law enforcement, immigration reform, and the full implementation of the 9/11 Commission recommendations.

“Today’s event makes clear that America gains strength from its newest citizens and immigration reform will ensure that America keeps growing stronger.”

Among other things that was a pitch for continuing chain migration and a claim that the defeated amnesty legislation would have no risk attached. All Pelosi was concerned with is providing cheap foreign labor for her law breaking employers and law breaking illegals at the country's expense both in money and safety. This is a reminder that legal immigration when properly controlled is fine. Illegal immigration is not and that is one thing wrong with the Democratic party. They embrace amnesty. That is simply wrong. Arguing it is the American dream is also wrong.

Pelosi's July 21st press release supporting import restrictions on Burma is cheap politics for anyone. Making a political statement that takes one side of an issue in a foreign country by threatening import restrictions in this case is meaningless. Does refusing imports from 'Burma' (currently called Myanmar) hurt anyone other than the very people the restrictions are designed to support? Like Americans cannot live without imports from Myanmar.

Pelosi again refers to minimum wage as some Congressional accomplishment. Another failed initiative from the failed 100 hour agenda only passed as a compromise to complete the Supplemental Appropriations bill sponsored by Democrat David Obey. To get the money to continue to support the troops, the Bush Administration agreed to the minimum wage addition which is a round robin of money shuffling that stiffs the average taxpayer. Force employers to raise the minimum wage and give the employers tax breaks to offset that. Say hello to costs passed on to consumers whether there are tax breaks or not. Not to mention it does nothing to lift people above minimum wage. Another failure of family, education and politicians in this country. We should fix that some time.

Pelosi's take on the 9/11 bill is also wrong, right out of the gate. The bill will do nothing to protect America. The most it can do is authorize spending and specify how that money will be spent. There is absolutely nothing about a spending bill that protects anyone. Part of the problem with Congress is they think passing legislation fixes everything. It fixes nothing. Immigration law that is not enforced fixes nothing. 9/11 related legislation fixes nothing unless there is a meaningful follow up procedure for measuring and correcting problems and enhancing any success there might be. Just passing a law and forgetting about the problem it was claimed to solve, again, does nothing.

That anyone in government needs someone to remind them to do their job is disappointing at best. That again the buck was passed when reports of gross negligence became public about not providing adequate health care for military personnel is arguably criminal. As large and expensive as the United States government has become, the fact that active duty and retired members of the United States armed forces could be neglected and to the degree they are is a travesty beyond description. The scrambling to find a scapegoat and not admit failure and offer pathetic excuses and fixes for this problem is also an indicator of what is wrong with government and the politicians that run it. That includes all parties.

The remainder of Pelosi's July press releases are either more political posturing, pandering or obligatory remarks on notable events or memorable persons. This is the substance of the Democratic party's claim for a new direction for America. Empty slogans and empty promises followed by more political posturing and the continuation of the swamp that won't get drained and the culture of corruption that will be maintained. So Nancy, how's that new direction working for you?

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