Friday, July 06, 2007

NEA wants illegals to remain in US

By Stanford Matthews
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academic misdeedsWhat a contradiction in terms to call a union with a special interest agenda The National Education Association. Now the union that claims to teach our under performing student population has stated it will add ignoring the rule of law, inviting foreign nationals to violate federal law and support the pc language that does not refer to illegal aliens as, go figure, illegal aliens.

The NEA's official stand on illegal immigration is amnesty and all the contrived excuses they can muster to justify this illegal activity. And why not? What a great way to artificially increase the nation's population and cause building more schools and hiring more teachers at taxpayer expense. This is no different than corporate America's pathetic excuses that they cannot find Americans to do jobs, cannot find qualified Americans for their workforce and have no way to avoid hiring illegal aliens to fill job requirements.

the rule of lawThis also favors their agenda to expand curriculum entirely focused on the illegal aliens. They won't admit there are illegals in the schools and won't release data that proves this to be the case. And they can conveniently express their intention to adhere to laws that restrict such releases while at the same time aiding and abetting criminal behavior by foreign nationals illegally present in the US. What a great philosophy to teach students. Ignore the laws that do not support your agenda and conveniently comply with laws that do.

And on top of all this the NEA is the single largest reason for the extreme cost of education in this country. Institutions of higher learning primarily benefit the institution's staff and their corporate sponsors. Most teaching is done by teaching assistants while the professors cater to the needs of corporate underwriting for their personal gain. And one of the favorite refrains of the academic lobby is that all their efforts are for the children or the students. The true evidence about that claim is repeated annually by dismal performance reports and academia's reluctance to address their failures in the classroom. Always ready to point the finger of blame somewhere else.

Education union wants illegals to remain in U.S.

July 5, 2007
By Amy Fagan - PHILADELPHIA — The National Education Association yesterday pledged to support a federal immigration policy that will let illegal aliens remain in the United States and that will reject "criminalization" of them.

The language was adopted during the NEA's annual convention as part of the group's legislative agenda for the remainder of the current congressional session. It came "after a lot of internal discussion with our Hispanic Caucus" and "a lot of input," said Randall Moody, one of the NEA's top lobbyists in Washington.


  1. Excellent article. Anyone who bothers to study a bit of history will remember that once a great nation or empire begins to rely on vast numbers of immigrant labor that’s the beginning of the end. But Progressives believe in their ability to establish Utopia - that place where the lessons of history no longer apply.

  2. Maybe some US politicians ignore American citizens cuz they know we're not going anywhere.
    But after the response to defeat amnesty, for now, they may begin to understand why we should not be ignored.